10/23/2014 01:59 EDT | Updated 12/22/2014 05:59 EST

Off To New York, Wish Me Luck!

ashley diana morris

What to blog about ... what to blog about ... hmmmm. I'm sitting in a crowded coffee shop in Vancouver on a lazy rainy afternoon. (On my second coffee already.) It has been so nice to be home this month. I had a pretty busy summer and now have had some time this fall to say get caught up on life and do some local jobs around the city before my next trip.

I may have some exciting news soon for you but right now all I can say is I am off to New York this weekend for a week of work, meetings, and some fun of course. How do you go to New York and not have fun?! After New York City I head to Disneyworld (not for work, but for pleasure). Although it would be pretty fun to have a photo shoot in Disneyworld, wouldn't it? I'm sure Mickey will take a selfie with me!

So, New York this weekend. I have been gearing up for these meetings for two months, which in my world means a lot of chicken, fish, water, protein powder, veggies and egg whites. Yup that's about it. Diet doesn't get much better than that.

I cut out all alcohol as well and have been focusing really hard on my workouts. I have had a couple slips but could count those slips on one hand and in my world that means success.

I have started learning how to cook healthy dishes and how to make "healthy" food exciting. I feel great, have a ton of energy and overall feel extremely ready to take on The Big Apple!

My workouts have changed from workout classes to lifting weights and working out with the assistance of my awesome trainers Michelle Livingstone and Carmen Telford. I also do five days of cardio a week, which can include everything from spin class to the stair machine. This has taken my body to the next level and really helped tighten everything up!

When I get back from my meetings I plan to continue on my new fitness journey (because I don't want to lose this muscle!) but start incorporating a cheat day, merely for sanity. Sometimes a girl needs a few potatoes and pasta!

ashley diana morris

I am also in the middle of creating a few show concepts (on paper that is right now), which I intend to produce and/or pitch late November. With the work I have done with CMT Canada and my background in broadcast journalism I am hoping to have my own show in the near future, while keeping up an active modeling career. In other words I just want to do it all. In my opinion if you can visualize it you can create it so I continue to dream big and work hard. I've dreamt so big that it's landing me back in New York.

I recently was walking down Robson Street in Vancouver after a workout and I saw my billboard on top of the Browns Shoes store from a recent job my agents Liz Bell (LizBell Agency) and Cathy Ledrew (Plutino Group) booked for me.

My first reaction was "Holy crap, that's me!" and "That's a huge photo" and "If I can do that, I can do anything!"

My girlfriend asked me the other day if it becomes normal seeing myself in ads. I answered a big no! It continues to shock and amaze me! The Browns Shoes photo shoot was pretty a pretty neat one, which was shot in Montreal. Had the opportunity to dress up like a biker chick and I can easily say that was the first time I have ever rocked that kind of look!

So in a Coles' notes version, this is what is new in the world of me. I continue to go down the not sure where you're going to end up path. In my opinion, it is just as easy to fail going down the safe path as it is going down the path less traveled. Until next time...


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