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I Went Six Days Without Netflix

Young woman sitting in armchair watching TV, holding remote, rear view
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Young woman sitting in armchair watching TV, holding remote, rear view

My husband recently went away on a six day work trip. What that means for me as a late 20s city dweller is that I load up on writing assignments and prepare my Netflix attack -- and there are a variety of strategies that I implement for the latter.

I talk to friends and relatives and find out what they are watching. I diligently research reviews online. And occasionally (but most of the time) I gather information regarding the hottest guys appearing on television and movies that are being played on Netflix.

As you can see it's a difficult task preparing this strategy and I don't take it lightly. So, the night my husband left to catch a flight to Toronto, it was really like any other ordinary night. I cooked some food for dinner and cleaned the house quickly and then promptly laid on my couch to watch the third season of Scandal (on U.S. Netflix).

I reached for the Apple remote -- and it wasn't in the usual spot. So, I searched for 20 minutes. Then I turned my couches upside down. I searched for another 30 minutes. Then I removed all contents of the living room. Feeling fed up I spent the next two hours cleaning my house because I figured I may find the Apple remote along the way.

Day 2: It's raining outside (I live in Vancouver). I won't make it to the Apple store for a new remote, so I finish my work assignments and then clean out the bedroom closet.

Day 3: I attack my work assignments first thing in the morning and then clean the guest bedroom because it felt really good to do the bedroom closet the day before.

Day 4: Well since I've already done two closets, I figure that I should really do the third one and clean my floors. Makes sense.

Day 5: My house is sparkling. I decide to work on art projects that I've been neglecting and by art projects I mean putting photographs in frames and hanging some pictures. I call my Dad. I call my best friend. I call my Aunt. And we talk on the phone -- not WhatsApp or iMessage. Boom!

Day 6: I realize that it's been six days without Netflix and I feel surprisingly good.

This Netflix cleanse was obviously not on purpose and I don't advocate it for everyone. Ladies in mid break-up or someone in the middle of a season will not benefit.

However, it is a good idea if you notice it becoming a crutch like it is for me. I use it when my husband is away because I like noise in my house and I hate feeling lonely. Netflix is a distraction.

By forcing myself to be alone and engage in activities that I like such as organizing and chatting on the phone I was allowing myself to be with my thoughts and be present in the moment. It was kind of awesome.

I noticed other things as well. I put my phone down more and went for walks everyday. I wanted to feel good.

My husband is home now and his next work trip is in six weeks. I'm thinking of doing another Netflix clease then. But one thing is bothering me....

When he returned home coincidentally the Apple remote reappeared. So, now I'm thinking, did he hide it on purpose to make me clean?

If so, well played sir. Well played.


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