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Annmarie Chiarini

Professor, Victim Advocate Cyber Civil Rights Initiative (CCRI)

Annmarie Chiarini, who has written under the pseudonym, Delia Venditti, is a professor of English at a Maryland community college and a victim advocate for the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative (CCRI). She recently earned an MFA in creative non-fiction from Goucher College. Annmarie is writing a memoir about extracting herself from a dehumanizing relationship only to become the victim of an on-going and vicious new form of crime – online harassment and non-consensual pornography. Her efforts to bring her harasser to justice were unsuccessful due to lack of legislation in the state of Maryland, where she resides. As a result Annmarie became determined to fight for new legislation that protects victims of online harassment and stalking. In February 2012, she testified before the Judiciary Committee of the Maryland General Assembly in support of Senate Bills (SB) 107 and 175. SB 175 was passed into law in April 2012; it amended the current online harassment legislation, providing victims with stronger prosecuting ability. In 2014 Annmarie will again stand before the judicial committee and fight for legislation that will make non-consensual pornography a crime. For the woman who regrets allowing a trusted lover to take sexually explicit photographs, without realizing she was in danger of victimizing herself into internet eternity, the voice of a female addressing such self-damage is needed. Annmarie hopes to be that voice.
I'm a Revenge-Porn Victim Turned

I'm a Revenge-Porn Victim Turned Activist

I started really paying attention to local politics when an ex-boyfriend posted nude pictures of me on the Internet without my consent. Certain he had committed a crime, I went straight to the police. But the law enforcement officials I turned to for help only smirked, shrugged their shoulders, and sent me on my way.
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