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Barbara Kay

Columnist, Writer

Since 2003, Barbara has been a weekly columnist for the National Post, writing frequently on the subject of misandry and fathers’ rights.

Barbara’s writing has also been published in in magazines such as the, C2C Journal Online, the New York Daily News, Campus Watch (online), Front Page Magazine (online), Pajamas Media (online), and the Prince Arthur Herald, a widely-read campus online journal of conservative thought on whose board she is has been a governor since its inception 5 years ago.
Barbara is a regular guest on a number of radio talk shows.

In 2010 Barbara was a speaker at Moses Znaimer’s IdeaCity, speaking on the theme of “honour-motivated violence.”

In 2012, Barbara published, with Aruna Papp, Aruna’s memoir: Unworthy Creature: A Punjabi daughter’s memoir of Honour, Shame and Love. In 2013 Barbara published her own collection of original and never-before published reviews and talks:
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"Pit Bull Hysteria" Is Based on Fact

In Douglas Anthony Cooper's Sept. 25 column, there are errors of fact about me. More important, the column contains serious accusations against the publisher of, Merritt Clifton. Clifton is North America's primary source for statistical information on maulings, maimings and dogbite-related fatalities according to breed.
09/29/2014 01:56 EDT