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Imelda Nurwisah

Communications and Public Engagement Professional, New Mom

Imelda is a graduate student studying urban and regional planning within York University’s Faculty of Environmental Studies. She is interested in public engagement and how it informs the planning of sustainable and equitable communities. In particular, she is exploring how public engagement can be enhanced through film, the internet, and collaborative processes. In her spare time, Imelda can be found waiting in the rush line of one of Toronto's many film festivals.
VIFF 2013: 'Ilo Ilo'

VIFF 2013: 'Ilo Ilo' Reviewed

A recent winner of the Camera d'Or prize at Cannes, Ilo Ilo quickly sold out its first screening at the 32nd Vancouver International Film Festival. This subtle yet detailed film about family life in Singapore shows the skilled editing and directorial abilities of Anthony Chen in his feature film debut.
10/06/2013 07:14 EDT
Floodwatch 2013: Did Canada Sink or

Floodwatch 2013: Did Canada Sink or Swim?

Over 1,000 planners descended in Vancouver this past week at Infuse, this year's conference for the Canadian Institute of Planners. Most everyone can agree that climate change is occurring, with some debates raging over whether it is happening quickly or slowly. We reached a significant milestone this May when carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere surpassed 400 parts per million for the first time in human history. The question is no longer how we can stop climate change from happening, but what we can do to adapt and rebound from its effects, a concept called resilience.
07/15/2013 01:54 EDT
On Transit, Toronto Politicians Are

On Transit, Toronto Politicians Are Gridlocked

Considering how much Torontonians cried murder when right-of-ways, bike lanes, and sidewalks have been put in at the expense of roads and parking it does seem like an impossible task to convince ourselves that transit is good for us. No collection of Councillors has been able to give us the leadership to make the tough decision we need to spearhead transit.
05/10/2013 05:31 EDT