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A. Colin Wright

Award-winning author

A. Colin Wright is an award-winning author of plays, novels, short stories, journalism and other non-fiction. He has published a major book and many academic articles on Russian and comparative literature.

Born in 1938 in Chelmsford, England and educated at Pembroke College, Cambridge (with a doctorate in modern languages), he came to Canada in 1964 and now lives in Kingston, Ontario where he is Professor Emeritus at Queen’s University. He is married with two sons.

His short stories have appeared in numerous literary journals in Canada and England. Two of his plays have been winners or finalists in the Theatre BC National Playwriting Competition, and another was the winner of the 1995 Gladys Cameron Watt Award in the Ottawa Little Theatre One-Act Playwriting Competition. In addition, he is active as director and actor in the theatre.

As well as Russian, he is fluent in French, German and Italian, has basic Spanish and an elementary knowledge of Scottish Gaelic. He has also acted as leader for Craig Travel on trips to Russia, Ukraine, South Africa, China, Southern India and the North Atlantic Islands.
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