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Aaron Binder


Aaron is a co-founder of A Strong Canada, a movement to get Canadians interested, talking and active in politics while blurring party lines to generate better outcomes for all citizens.
Why Canada Cannot Give In To Andrew Vaughan/CP

Why Canada Cannot Give In To Isolationism

We are entering a new era of identity politics -- the increasingly common practice of political campaigns throwing actual policy to the wind and instead playing directly to our emotions -- this method is defined by selfies, sunny-ways, hope and change, fear and division and class anger turned into blind rage.
03/27/2017 01:51 EDT
The New King Of Consumerism Is PhotoAlto/Odilon Dimier via Getty Images

The New King Of Consumerism Is Choice

Depending on who you ask we either live in an age of rampant consumerism or endless choice -- the answer doesn't necessarily lie in the middle but both are true. The Internet has connected us personally, politically, socially and humanity's consumer nature has built a retail channel unlike any other before.
05/30/2016 10:29 EDT
The Raging Inferno Of Online Yifei Fang via Getty Images

The Raging Inferno Of Online Comments

Times of tragic loss understandably affect large amounts of people and it is dangerous to trivialize their losses by making sweeping and grandiose "gotcha" statements, as though the fires in Fort McMurray are the linchpin for or against climate change, the present government, or whichever other dots may find themselves ripe for loose connection.
05/16/2016 03:16 EDT
Virtual Reality Is The Next Great Cultural bizoo_n via Getty Images

Virtual Reality Is The Next Great Cultural Disruption

Virtual reality has been around for decades in various iterations but this is the first time it feels real enough to make a grown woman grimace with a memory long lost but alive again. Cardboard is so easy to figure out that its uses extend far past the daily pastiche of just hopping to Ecuador for an afternoon or cruising down to Bonnaroo in a convertible.
04/27/2016 11:37 EDT
Ontario's Soviet-Era Alcohol Quotas Punish Businesses for Péter Gudella via Getty Images

Ontario's Soviet-Era Alcohol Quotas Punish Businesses for Profitability

"Sorry sir, we've reached our sales quota, you'll have to wait until next year to buy beer." Words from a Soviet-era dispensary or a modern day grocery store? The government announced it was building a program to allow alcohol sales outside of the traditional methods -- unfortunately, any grocer selling six-packs will only be able to sell up to a maximum quota or run the risk of additional charges for meeting consumer demand.
09/23/2015 12:42 EDT
Ontario Is in the Middle of a Booze Shutterstock

Ontario Is in the Middle of a Booze Revolution

In a landmark legal filing, Jesse Razaqpur and Charles Benoit, owners of the Toronto Distillery Company, have sued the LCBO over what they claim is the unfair practice of enforcing distillers to sell their product for the same price as at LCBO retail stores and then pay the same markup amount in tax to the LCBO. It goes without saying that this court case could hold sweeping consequences for the LCBO should the Ontario Superior Court rule in favour of the Toronto Distillery and other, larger distillers begin to seek similar legal action.
07/27/2015 12:26 EDT
Why the Pan-Am Games Won't Fix Canada's Tourism OMAR TORRES via Getty Images

Why the Pan-Am Games Won't Fix Canada's Tourism Woes

The hope for Toronto and other municipalities in 2015 to bring in mass amounts of visitors from America and beyond during the Pan-Am games may be falling short already with only a third of tickets sold and less than a month to go before opening. Undoubtedly, people will pick up more tickets closer to the date but aside from legacy infrastructure projects, the Pan-Am games are unlikely to perform as the beacon all three levels of government hoped to see and the scandals that have accompanied more than one top Pan-Am exec have already left a sour note in Canadians mouths.
06/16/2015 12:34 EDT
Ontario Has a Cross-Border Alcohol cmh2315fl/Flickr

Ontario Has a Cross-Border Alcohol Problem

Consumers in border cities are able to take advantage of considerable price differences, albeit at risk of being caught by a border agent and forced to pay duty tax. The rest of the province should only be so lucky to experience an American liquor store with selection of depth and width far above and beyond what the LCBO offers.
05/25/2015 08:05 EDT
Ontario Needs to Allow Competition for its Alcohol Industry to pyzata via Getty Images

Ontario Needs to Allow Competition for its Alcohol Industry to Prosper

The Ontario Liberal government's recent announcement to allow beer sales in grocery stores and craft brewer membership to The Beer Store's executive board is a first step to actually repealing prohibitive practices from production to distribution to consumer rights. But from the production to the sales process, Ontario liquor laws are antiquated as the ideals that formed them. This prohibition won't end in earnest until the playing field is leveled and competition, real competition, is allowed in Ontario.
05/03/2015 11:27 EDT
When Ads Get it Way, Way shutterstock

When Ads Get it Way, Way Wrong

From a marketing share perspective, Firestone is eternally a brand stuck in the middle, unable to catch competitors like Goodyear and Michelin while never distancing themselves enough from other followers like Uniroyal and Cooper to carve their own niche. They are a brand stuck in the middle by their past hubris and their current marketing seems to never have escaped prior ownership.
02/10/2015 01:14 EST
Ford's Opponents Need to Change the AP

Ford's Opponents Need to Change the Channel

As Ford continues to bumble forward, few people in Toronto actually want it to stop -- gleefully salivating over the impending destruction of Canada's most famous man. That's the real embarrassment; Ford opponents can't stop watching and gloating even though it might be the only way to avoid "Ford more years."
11/13/2013 09:08 EST
When Advertisements Get it Way, Way Shutterstock

When Advertisements Get it Way, Way Wrong

The portrayal of gender tropes in advertisements has been a bastion of laziness for bad marketers decades running. At its best there have been a few exceptional commercials that have managed to reinvent the conversation, at worst, most of these (often big-spend) commercials are muddled with lowest common denominator assumptions and D-rate jokes.
11/06/2013 12:33 EST
Nuit Blanche: Toronto's Culture Getty Images

Nuit Blanche: Toronto's Culture Juggernaut

With events on all six habitable continents and 24 cities participating in Nuit Blanche events across 2013, Toronto's edition is North America's largest, boasting over one million visitors in 2012. That number is expected to continue growing in 2013 and beyond as the event gains more traction with Toronto and its neighbouring cities.
10/07/2013 02:29 EDT