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Aaron Winston Smith

Founder, Holidays for Humanity

Aaron Smith is the founder of Holidays for Humanity. Aaron brings 15+ years of senior tourism management experience to the mindful travel sector. Aaron is a public speaker, and a frequent guest on National Television and Radio programs. He's one of Vancouver's Top 40 Under 40, and BC Business's Innovators of the Year.
Odd Animals You Never Knew Existed (And How To Meet David Lochlin/Flickr

Odd Animals You Never Knew Existed (And How To Meet Them)

While these animals may not star alongside Leonardo DiCaprio anytime soon, nor likely to be chosen as supporting cast for the next Disney blockbuster, they're still in need of attention. These are threatened species -- some due to hunting, others to habitat loss from industrialization. Today, travelers are digging in to preserve their future, and giving them a much needed turn in the spotlight.
02/29/2016 12:47 EST
How October 11 Became Day of the AP

How October 11 Became Day of the Girl

It's an alarming statistic that 66-million girls are out of school globally, and that there are 33-million fewer girls than boys in primary school. Back in September 2009, Plan Canada's Because I am a Girl initiative launched an online petition advocating for a Day of the Girl.
10/11/2013 12:29 EDT
Is Voluntourism Really Right for Getty Images

Is Voluntourism Really Right for You?

Many of us have volunteered during our travels before, and it seems that many more are considering it with each passing day. For good reason, too. However, choosing which program to participate in requires far more critical thought than choosing which all-inclusive in Mexico to drink at.
04/22/2013 05:38 EDT