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Abby Langer

Dietitian and Owner, Abby Langer Nutrition.

Abby Langer is a dietitian living and working in Toronto. She is a mom, a wife, a runner, and a cook.
Abby graduated with a degree in Nutrition from Loyola University Chicago, and has worked in both the US and Canada as a dietitian.
As a believer in real food, Abby centres her practice around encouraging and teaching clients to cook and eat whole foods.
When she’s not working to change the public’s perception of dietitians as finger wagging Food Guide champions, she’s usually found chasing her kids around, posting on her blog and Twitter, or sneaking off to a locked room for some peace and quiet.
FDA-Approved 'Bulimia Machine' Product Of A Quick-Fix ASSOCIATED PRESS

FDA-Approved 'Bulimia Machine' Product Of A Quick-Fix Society

There's been a lot of visceral (read: ICK) reaction to the stomach-draining device that was just approved by the FDA. An alternative to traditional dieting and more invasive than traditional bariatric surgeries, the AspireAssist system is definitely a new way of preventing calories from being absorbed by the body.
06/17/2016 04:34 EDT
Marketing Adult Diet Products To Kids Is A Adam Gault via Getty Images

Marketing Adult Diet Products To Kids Is A Nightmare

Are you kidding me? Why? Why? Why would you give obese or at-risk kids meal replacement shakes? Why would you not at least give them a CSA box or food vouchers for fresh foods or oh my god I don't know, maybe a cooking class? But meal replacement shakes? And why in the world would you frame it as 'a culture of giving'?
05/18/2016 10:55 EDT
Can You Burn Off Your Belly Fat With Markus Guhl via Getty Images

Can You Burn Off Your Belly Fat With Food?

I was stunned by the avalanche of information out there on the subject, and how many sites and products offer to cure your belly fat problem 'with one easy step!' The more I delved into these sites, the more I saw that they weren't offering any actual solutions that were exclusive to targeting belly fat. And some claims I saw were just idiotic.
05/09/2016 10:41 EDT
5 Ways To Love Greek Yogurt Magone via Getty Images

5 Ways To Love Greek Yogurt Now

Greek yogurt is one of my kitchen staples. My husband actually makes fun of me because he sees me eat it every day, and he hears me recommend it to clients, in interviews, and to him, all the time. But Greek yogurt has a lot more going for it than just taste!
05/03/2016 03:59 EDT
We Busted These Fad Diets By Drinking Them For Abbey and Abby

We Busted These Fad Diets By Drinking Them For You

Weight loss isn't as easy as those before and after photos may make it seem. There is no one food (or drink, more like) that's going to sculpt your abs and give you buns of steel. Likewise, there isn't any one food that's going to miraculously boost your energy, get rid of "brain fog," and "cut inflammation." Yep, lot's of quotation marks around here, guys, and you know what that means.
04/21/2016 11:50 EDT
No, You Don't Need To Eat Avocado Jupiterimages via Getty Images

No, You Don't Need To Eat Avocado Seeds

I'm not sure what's going on with the Internet lately, but there's some really crazy stuff coming out on there. One of the latest "trends" -- and I use quotations on that word only because I think there's a limited number of people who would actually try this -- is eating avocado seeds.
04/06/2016 11:36 EDT
Should You Be Avoiding Milk karandaev via Getty Images

Should You Be Avoiding Milk Products?

The truth is that after almost 20 years of practice as a dietitian, I've fallen into a place where I neither discourage nor encourage dairy. Eat it if you like it. Avoid it if you want. Despite what Canada's Food Guide says, you don't need dairy, but it's not likely to harm you, at least in moderate quantities. So let's have some fun debunking some myths about dairy.
03/31/2016 02:03 EDT
Dietitians Debunk Some Crazy Popular Rosemary Calvert via Getty Images

Dietitians Debunk Some Crazy Popular Diets

Lots of diets sound like they're based on scientific fact, but what happens a lot is that the people promoting these diets tweak good science into big untruths (and sadly, big profits). It's sometimes barely perceptible that this is happening, and it makes their products seem legit when they're totally not. Luckily you've got help now to figure these things out!
02/29/2016 03:04 EST
16 Foods You Should Eat In DebbiSmirnoff via Getty Images

16 Foods You Should Eat In 2016

I chose each item on the list because it met certain criteria: it has to taste good (not like dirt, ahem heartnuts and acai), it has to be reasonably accessible in most major centres, it should be healthy and or/add something to your overall diet. Some of these items you can make yourself, and some of them are kitchen staples (or should be).
01/12/2016 03:08 EST
Our Diets Are The New Designer shutterstock

Our Diets Are The New Designer Labels

Know that no matter what you wear, what you eat, and which cleanse you're on, you're no better than anyone else in the world who doesn't subscribe to your food value system. I love that you're trying to take care of yourself, but just as you (hopefully) wouldn't laugh at someone's clothes, please don't use your food choices to shame others.
12/09/2015 12:20 EST
What You Need To Know About GMO shutterstock

What You Need To Know About GMO Salmon

My gut reaction to the first genetically modified animal produced for consumption was like many peoples'; a bit of disgust with whole lot of 'why'!?. Before I wrote this piece though, I wanted to be able to give you all the relevant information about the 'frankensalmon' so you can form your own opinion about it.
11/23/2015 05:49 EST
Not All Processed Foods Are Created Alesikka via Getty Images

Not All Processed Foods Are Created Equal

Wait! Aren't I supposed to be the champion of whole foods? The trumpeter of processed-food evil? The promoter of home cooking? The voice of nutrition reason? Yes, I am. But I'm also a mom, I'm also realistic, and I also know that most people can't and shouldn't cut out all processed foods.
10/07/2015 05:17 EDT