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Abby Langer

Dietitian and Owner, Abby Langer Nutrition.

Abby Langer is a dietitian living and working in Toronto. She is a mom, a wife, a runner, and a cook.
Abby graduated with a degree in Nutrition from Loyola University Chicago, and has worked in both the US and Canada as a dietitian.
As a believer in real food, Abby centres her practice around encouraging and teaching clients to cook and eat whole foods.
When she’s not working to change the public’s perception of dietitians as finger wagging Food Guide champions, she’s usually found chasing her kids around, posting on her blog and Twitter, or sneaking off to a locked room for some peace and quiet.
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What We Should Do To Improve School Lunches

After he created the new menu items, Corbin brought the food to the kids for a taste test. Not surprisingly, the students were happy with the results. Chicken lollipops rolled in crushed vegetable chips and baked in the oven, oven baked panko-crusted zucchini, kale Caesar salad made with a lighter dressing, and black bean and chicken tostadas were a few of the selections.
09/28/2014 12:44 EDT
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Don't Shun Sugar Altogether

As with all matters of nutrition, context is important. Sugar shouldn't be shunned altogether; rather looked at in context within the lifestyle and other dietary habits of the person. To help you better understand the context of sugar in your diet, let's look at the role of sugar in your food, what else you are eating, and the quality of the carbohydrate you're consuming.
09/02/2014 12:26 EDT
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Kids Don't Need Sugary Snacks After Sports

Would it be such a hardship to end the practice of snack sign-up in favor of everyone bringing their own snack? That way, parents who love Kool-Aid and cookies are free to stuff their kids with garbage. Telling my kids to decline snack at the end of practice is always an option, but I don't feel like my kids should have to be put in that position.
07/21/2014 06:13 EDT

Six Nutrition Myths to Toss in the Garbage

Plain and simple, there are certain questions that I get a whole lot from clients. Some questions, however, just need to die already. There are a lot of people who have no nutrition training, yet somehow manage to burn nonsensical ideas into peoples' brains -- and that's how the questions below are born.
07/15/2014 05:53 EDT
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Why I Changed My Stance On Eating Organic Food

Of course, the reasonable side of me remains a bit conflicted, because the price of buying organic food for 5 people is extraordinary (organic foods cost around 20 per cent more than conventional). So I buy organic when I can, and when I think it's worthwhile. Organic grain products, and most fruits and vegetables: good. Organic milk? Not necessary, because in Canada, there are no hormones or antibiotics in the milk.
07/01/2014 07:51 EDT
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Five Reasons Why This Dietitian Hates Calorie-Tracking Apps

How in the world does the app know what you're going to weigh in a month if you continue eating as you did that day? Does it have a crystal ball? Who knows, but some apps sure feel confident about predicting massive gain or loss of weight based on one day of eating, and those random predictions sure make some people feel anxious as hell.
06/01/2014 11:43 EDT
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How To Conquer Emotional Eating After a Breakup

Speaking of meals, surround yourself with people who love you, and have meals with them. Have them over and prepare a meal or have them bring something. More points for friends and family who actually eat well, so you don't get a bucket of KFC and pint of sympathy ice cream for your dinner.
05/30/2014 06:22 EDT
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It's Time to Kill the "Ideal Body Weight"

My opinion even about weighing clients on a regular basis may not be popular with some people, but truth be told, I don't like doing it. Indiscriminately doling out ideal body weights based on random charts and logarithms can be a loaded situation because it sets the client and me up for failure.
05/26/2014 12:34 EDT

The Healthiest Options at the Airport

I always hate lugging stuff from home, and this leaves me to fend for myself once I get to the terminal. Today on my way to San Francisco, I decided to really scope out the options and bring you my picks for healthiest foods you can get at the airport.
05/16/2014 12:28 EDT