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Adam Caldwell

Ottawa-Based Sustainability Professional, Environmental Scholar, Engaged in Climate & Social Justice

An Ottawa-based sustainability professional and environmental scholar, I'm engaged with issues of supply chain sustainability, climate resilience, biodiversity, decolonization and social justice.
How Russia Successfully Gaslighted The

How Russia Successfully Gaslighted The West

Democracy is underpinned by governing through informed consent of the masses. A strong and independent media is a nation's window into the affairs of the nation. Currently too many westerners cannot tell an opinion piece (like this one) from true investigative journalism. Attention spans are too short for long investigative pieces, and forget taking 2 minutes to check a source!
12/16/2016 06:54 EST
The Absolute Tragedy Of The Ghomeshi

The Absolute Tragedy Of The Ghomeshi Verdict

I am invested in this issue because women are my relations. I'm a dad, a son, a husband, a brother-in-law, and thinking, sentient member of the human race! The reasons this keeps happening cannot be solely blamed on the legal system; they start at home. There is a profound sickness within a society that would allow men to perpetrate violence against women with virtual impunity. What is it within men that we see women with so little regard? Too many men don't think there is a problem.
04/01/2016 12:23 EDT