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Adam Chambers

recovering lawyer, public policy and capital markets junkie. Views expressed are his own.

Adam currently works in the corporate strategy group at a large Canadian financial services company.

Previously, Adam served as the director of policy to Canada's Minister of finance and also practised corporate law at a large Canadian firm in Toronto.

Adam graduated with a JD/MBA from Western University. The views expressed are his own.
Canadian Politicians Should Stop Meddling In Foreign Eric Vidal / Reuters

Canadian Politicians Should Stop Meddling In Foreign Votes

Why were non-UK politicians around the world obsessed with weighing in on the Brexit debate? It's unbecoming for politicians to act like the nosy neighbour and get involved in the domestic dispute of a sovereign state. Unfortunately, Brexit has polarized the population in the UK. It has pitted regions against each other and has caused deep divides within political parties. But what's more troublesome is people that have no right to vote in the referendum aren't just engaged in the debate, they are attempting to influence its outcome. It's doubly worse that many of these people are elected politicians of foreign states.
06/23/2016 11:36 EDT
The TFSA Is a Great Option for All Income CP

The TFSA Is a Great Option for All Income Brackets

Last week the federal government announced a doubling of the annual contribution to the Tax Free Savings Account. Ensuing immediately has been a debate about the merits of this tax policy change. We ought to applaud initiatives that provide savers with more choices, encourage self-determination and empower individuals to take greater control over their financial futures. The TFSA does just that.
04/28/2015 05:26 EDT
Uber Needs to Learn it Can Follow the Rules and QUIQUE GARCIA via Getty Images

Uber Needs to Learn it Can Follow the Rules and Disrupt

Uber, Inc., the start-up darling recently earning a $40 billion valuation has found itself embroiled in a high-stakes regulatory and public relations battle over its disruptive business model. Uber has a lot going for it: a profitable business model with substantial demand backed by revolutionary technology with the ability to transform every on-demand service. It's genius and about time the taxi industry is given a shake-up. So why is everyone ganging up on them? No, it's not a media-biased conspiracy as some would have you believe. It is hubris and an underestimation of the politicized stakeholder environment in which it operates.
12/17/2014 05:44 EST