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Adam Dodek

Law Professor

Adam Dodek is an award-winning law professor and the author of The Canadian Constitution, a guide for all Canadians.

The Most Dangerous Client a Lawyer Could Have? Rob Ford and Legal Ethics

At various times, Rob Ford has revealed an alarming capacity for lack of candour and an inability to listen to the advice of those closest to him. There is no indication that these sorts of behaviours would be any different with a lawyer. I would not take Mayor Ford on as a client. But then again, he is unlikely to ask me.
02/15/2014 10:09 EST
Phil Boorman via Getty Images

Canadian Law Students Who Article Are Vulnerable to Abuse

I was concerned about Kate and I met with her in person. When she told me what was going on at her firm, it became clear that there was an element of sexual discrimination or harassment. Articling students facing such harassment have few choices. They could make a complaint to the Law Society, file a complaint under the firm's internal workplace harassment policy (assuming it exists), consult an employment lawyer or perhaps bring a human rights complaint. The power dynamics of articling make such options not particularly appealing to most students. So most would stick it out.
12/16/2013 05:37 EST

Shouldn't the Land's Chief Legal Officer Be a Lawyer?

It is rather strange that we allow non-lawyers to provide legal advice at the highest levels -- to cabinets, premiers, and even to Governors General or Lieutenant Governors. Yet we do not allow non-lawyers to provide run of the mill legal advice to ordinary Canadians.
06/05/2013 12:38 EDT