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Adam Olsen

Candidate, BC Green Party

Adam Olsen was born in 1976 in Victoria, B.C. and was raised on the Tsartlip First Nation. He is a husband, father, entrepreneur and politician. Adam and his wife Emily are raising their two small children, Silas and Ella, on the same property where he grew up. Adam is the B.C. Greens candidate in Saanich North & the Islands and Spokesperson for Intergovernmental Relations.
Chris Helgren / Reuters

Kinder Morgan Turned Its Pipeline Proposal Into PR

Last week the B.C. Liberal government approved the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project. They have stated that Kinder Morgan has met their five conditions and have added 37 new conditions with their approval. From the National Energy Board hearings, to the recent to governmental approval, the process was problematic right from the start. It was nothing more than a public relations exercise.
01/18/2017 06:49 EST

I Support First Nations Economic Prosperity, But Not Ill-Conceived LNG Deal

I wish the Malahat First Nation luck in developing economic capacity in their community, but I will not support LNG in the Saanich Inlet. Furthermore, I do not support the "sellout" of British Columbia by the B.C. Liberals or inability of the B.C. NDP to take a clear position as they search for whatever position appears to be politically popular.
08/24/2015 07:02 EDT

Namu, B.C.: The Province Needs To Do More

For years British Columbians and Canadians have demanded that our governments do something about marine waste. The fish cannery in Namu, B.C. is the latest of many slow-moving environmental disasters.
01/14/2015 02:03 EST

Report Exposes Government Mismanagement Of B.C. Ferries

The report is straight to the point -- a decade's worth of backward ferries policy is damaging the provincial economy. Frankly, for a government that is desperate for economic investment and job creation, their decisions are puzzling.
09/19/2014 02:35 EDT

How Much B.C. Farmland Will Actually Be Protected?

This current core review is not about the best interests of agriculture; rather it is about freeing thousands of hectares of agricultural land from the Agricultural Land Commission, opening once preserved lands to non-agricultural development opportunities, especially natural gas development.
01/29/2014 03:33 EST

Derelict Vessels Are Polluting The B.C. Coastline

The Northern Gateway and Kinder Morgan pipeline proposals plan to significantly increase heavy oil tankers to Asia and both governments have promised "world-class" oil spill response on land and in the water. British Columbians are skeptical about this commitment. Stories like the sinking tug near Squamish are regularly in and out of the media reminding folks that nothing has been done. There is nothing "world-class" about the provincial-federal response to marine-based environmental concerns in the past.
01/24/2014 05:24 EST

How To Repair BC Ferries' Fiscal Rudder

Nearly 20 per cent of British Columbians live on the coast, generating over 35 per cent of the revenue to the provincial coffers. Yet when compared to the billions of dollars of investments the provincial government has made in the Lower Mainland alone in recent years, BC Ferries are woefully underfunded. As a consequence, people, businesses and economies that rely on the ferry service suffer.
01/13/2014 01:50 EST