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Adam Scott

Climate & Energy Program Manager, Environmental Defence

Adam Scott’s deep commitment to solving the issue of climate change has motivated his involvement in a range of research and advocacy positions. After completing a degree in Environmental Geography at the University of Guelph, he has worked both as an academic and environmental researcher. An experienced advocate of international action on climate change, Adam is a veteran of the past five United Nations climate change negotiations.

His passion for putting practical renewable energy solutions into action lead him to his current role as Green Energy Program Manager at Environmental Defence.

Canada Pulls its Goalie on the Environment

Canada's ability to oversee large energy projects is crumbling. No matter which way you look at it, Canada's regulatory system just isn't up to the challenging task of protecting the health, environment and economy of Canadians from risky energy projects.
05/15/2013 08:12 EDT

Big Oil's Plan to Crush Green Energy

A confidential memo proposing a massive fossil-fuel corporation funded campaign to build opposition against wind power was uncovered this week. As our transition to using windmills, solar panels and electric vehicles gains momentum, it's easy to see how peddlers of oil and coal might be freaked out. What if we don't want to buy what they are selling anymore?
05/11/2012 02:05 EDT

Green Energy Prices Aren't High, Its Detractors Are!

You might think the cost of generating electricity in Ontario is reflected in "market rates." In reality, due to the complexity of its energy system, the market rate doesn't come close to covering the cost of generating electricity anymore.
05/02/2012 05:17 EDT

In Ontario, Electricity Gets a Renewable Shock

With a host of new changes announced recently, Ontario's Feed-in Tariff (FIT) program is now on much firmer ground. Let's hope these changes will cool some of the overheated rhetoric, so we can all get on with fighting global warming and building a new green economy.
03/27/2012 10:18 EDT

Wind Power: A Quiet Solution to Climate Change

Is the fear and anxiety being spread about the sound of wind power justified? For better or for worse, we have adapted to a life of auditory extremes, so it's a bit confusing then that one of quieter things we build -- windmills -- are said to be the subject of great handwringing and upset.
06/26/2011 09:43 EDT