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Adeel Suhrwardy

Film Producer, Media Strategist

Adeel Suhrwardy is film producer and a media strategist based in Canada. Adeel has worked closely with the film and television industry and garnered multi-platform international credits and syndicated Television and digital content.

He currently assists local, national and international brands on marketing campaigns directed towards various multicultural groups in Canada and advises communication firms on ethnic marketing and communication strategies.

Suhrwardy also works closely with the immigrant communities to assist with integration and assimilation projects and is a board advisor at UBC’s multicultural film projects.
Times Of India Film Awards: Will B.C. Benefit From Bollywood

Times Of India Film Awards: Will B.C. Benefit From Bollywood Event?

The B.C. premier announced this week Metro Vancouver will host the Times of India Film Awards. Reactions within the South Asian community are mixed; some are touting it as a political ploy to gain South Asian votes. What remains to be seen is if the community and businesses at large will be able to tap into the longer term business opportunities an event of this nature can provide.
01/23/2013 04:35 EST