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Adrian Brijbassi

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Adrian Brijbassi appears frequently on CTV News Channel, TSN Radio and CJSF Radio, discussing travel, sports and writing. He is the managing editor of He's also a former editor at the Toronto Star, and has formerly worked at New York Newsday and the Vancouver Sun. Adrian has won six travel writing awards from NATJA, including for best destination article published in a newspaper in both 2010 and 2011. He is a judge for the World's 50 Best Restaurants and spearheaded the Top 50 Restaurants in Canada list that debuted in 2012.

Why Canadians Prefer Independent Restaurants

Where should we go to eat? It's pondered 17 million times a day in this country: That's how many visits Canadians make to restaurants, according to the CRFA. If you've heard of a place, you're more likely to give it your business -- even if it's mediocre quality and a poor value choice for your money.
04/29/2013 05:12 EDT

How Canada Can Attract More Chinese Travellers

When the World Tourism Organization revealed statistics this month that showed China was the new No. 1 in travel, the implications became clear. Chinese travellers primarily visit neighbouring Asian countries like Singapore and Japan. When they do take long-haul flights, their preferred destination is Australia. It is that country that could potentially help Canada attract more Chinese tourists.
04/16/2013 12:13 EDT
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Tips for Going to an Ottawa Senators Game

If you're a fan, you can follow the action without worrying if the hooligan next to you is going to drop his beer on your lap (unless of course your neighbour is wearing a Leafs jersey, in which case you'd be advised to find Dupont or Jodoin to heckle him into an early departure).
04/16/2013 05:28 EDT

Elite Chefs Coming to Toronto for Culinary Event

Arlene Stein has tried for three years to line up a date for Rene Redzepi to join Toronto's food industry at the annual Terroir Symposium. This year the schedules aligned and the executive chef of Nom...
04/04/2013 02:56 EDT

Why Canadians Shouldn't Travel to India

My friend has written on her blog that the media is guilty of sensationalism in the coverage of rapes in India. I disagree with her assessment, however. The attention the media is giving to the rape epidemic in India is long, long overdue. Should you be scared? Not really. But ask, is India as safe to travel as anywhere else? The answer is no, it's not.
03/21/2013 12:26 EDT

Toronto's Legendary El Mocambo Will Soon Have Fine Dining

Torontonians know the El Mocambo as a venue for wicked fun and historic music performances. Soon, it will also be the site of a multi-tiered restaurant headed by one of Canada's most acclaimed chefs. AfterCanadian Music Week, which wraps up on Sunday, Pataran said the El Mo would go through a renovation until it re-opens in the fall with three levels of dining.
03/21/2013 05:36 EDT

The Chef Who Got Anthony Bourdain to Layover in Toronto

Scott Vivian may have done more for Toronto's culinary rep than anyone else in recent years. And, it was all thanks to a few beers. He told Anthony Bourdain he should film an episode of his TV show in Toronto. That's exactly what Bourdain did.
03/06/2013 07:37 EST

How I Overcame My Fear of Skiing in One Hour

For decades, I avoided skis, until last month when I figured I'd go for it, believing I had matured enough to avoid any reckless danger. Worst-case scenario? I'd fall a few times on a bunny hill and have a silly, self-deprecating travel article to share with you. Instead, this story is about the thrill of victory.
02/21/2013 05:29 EST
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Why You Should Never Go On a Cruise

Like all forms of luxury travel, a cruise isn't inherently dangerous. But these days, buyers need to be more aware than ever when making their cruise purchase. My advice when someone asks about going on a multi-day cruise aboard a mega-liner is always the same: Don't go.
02/18/2013 01:18 EST

The Canadian Chef Who's Fed An Olympic Village

Michael Smith told me he has built a career out of reminding Canadians that cooking is about the people you share the meal with rather than the perfection of the recipe. He then went about showing what he meant. In a wildly entertaining weekend at Deerhurst Resort, Smith held court and kitchen in the Muskoka property most famous for hosting Barack Obama.
01/28/2013 12:18 EST

The Must-Try Restaurant in Calgary

When Olivier Reynaud moved from Avignon to Calgary in 1999, he didn't anticipate being a pioneer. That seems to be what happens to entrepreneurs in Western Canada, however, and it wasn't long before the co-proprietor of Rouge found himself at the forefront of a local food movement in Alberta's largest city.
01/15/2013 12:17 EST
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A Rock 'N Roll Tour of Nova Scotia

Matt Mays calls Dartmouth the New Jersey of Nova Scotia. If that's the case, you could say he is the Bruce Springsteen of the Maritimes. Songs about life in Mays' unheralded hometown located on the other side of the big city are reminiscent of how Springsteen so often wrote about the characters on the Jersey Shore during his early career.
01/06/2013 11:40 EST

The Best Place to Travel in 2013 Is...

Today, Louisbourg still exhibits the spirit and mindset of its founders. Set in 1744, toward the end of French rule of the territory on Cape Breton, the recreated historic village replicates life as it was for the blacksmiths, tavern owners, military personnel, government officials and citizens in the 18th century.
01/01/2013 12:39 EST

The Best of Canadian Travel in 2012

I spent the summer on the road, touching down in nine of the 10 provinces in Canada. Tourism opportunities abound in big centres and small, with people eager to search out local experiences, whether it be culinary finds or historic tours that are short on gimmicks and strong on depth and personality. In all, 2012 was a fantastic year for seeing Canada.
12/27/2012 08:15 EST

Canada Has its Very Own Healing Lake

When you drive up to Manitou Beach in Saskatchewan, you might wonder yourself what you are doing here and just how long you will spend. Not that it seems foreboding, dangerous or derelict. There just isn't much here and what is in place doesn't have visual appeal. Even the lake, the primary reason to visit, is murky and vacant. But residents insist there's magic in the waters of the lake
12/17/2012 05:59 EST

Where the Food Is Like Art

Midway through her dinner, Jennifer Swartz looked up to her dining partner and exclaimed, "Hands-down the best meal of my life." Swartz had been meaning to make reservations at Atelier for a number of months and wasn't disappointed in her August visit despite entering Marc Lepine's restaurant with lofty expectations.
12/13/2012 08:10 EST
Flickr: ingridtaylar

How Learning the Art of Mixology Got Me a Free Trip

When I was asked to participate in a mixology competition at the SpiritHouse in Toronto's King West neighbourhood recently, I didn't hesitate. The winner snagged a trip to Trinidad & Tobago. My confidence at that point belonged on the top shelf. Then a flash of disaster came into my head.
12/11/2012 12:23 EST

A Boat Tour of Newfoundland's Controversial Resettlement

Bruce Miller is Bayman to the core, with a lilt in his brogue and a ready wink to go with his easy smile. He makes a meagre living as a fisherman and labourer and augments his income operating one of the most unique and riveting tours in Canada, taking visitors to communities affected by Newfoundland's controversial resettlement.
12/06/2012 05:20 EST