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Adrienne Down Coulson

General Manager of, Canada’s largest Cash Back shopping site, helping Canadians save and earn cash back while shopping online.

Adrienne Down Coulson is the General Manager of Ebates Canada. is Canada’s largest Cash Back shopping site. A busy mom of two and savvy online shopper herself, Adrienne and her team love helping Canadian families save time and earn money back while shopping online.

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Why Canadians Are Loyal to Homegrown shutterstock

Why Canadians Are Loyal to Homegrown Products

It comes as no surprise that Canadians like their local breweries and prefer Canadian beer -- plenty of which will be enjoyed this coming Canada Day. Beer, second to local food, tops the list as the product most Canadians prefer to buy Canadian, according to a new study by The decision to purchase Canadian products extends beyond economic benefits. Successful businesses can also give back to the community through sponsorship, charity and contributions to the arts, culture and sports, and locally sourced products means a reduced carbon footprint.
07/01/2015 08:53 EDT