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Aeman Ansari

A fourth-year journalism student at Ryerson University interested in representations of minorities in mainstream media.

Aeman Ansari is a fourth-year journalism student at Ryerson University. She is currently writing a collection of short fiction inspired by stories from her grandmother, one of the few women in India to receive post-secondary education in English literature at the time.
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Ethnic Minorities Deserve Safe Spaces Without White People

Last week The Ryersonian reported on an incident that involved two students who were turned away from an event because they are white. Since then there has been a lot of commentary on the piece and a lot of debate -- a lot of the criticism is valid. I am a person of colour and a journalist and so there are two conflicting voices inside my head. But in this case one voice, that of a person of colour, is louder and my conscience does not allow me to be impartial. I have to take a side.
03/18/2015 05:47 EDT