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Aimée Wice

Lover of all things YSL, everything black, hightops, and Chanel nail polish. TW<3

Aimée Wice is a beauty junkie, fashion fanatic, health and fitness freak and travel aficionado currently living in love with her better half in Toronto.
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Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Everything Balinese

No destination seems more appropriate to while the days away than Bali; the Indonesian gem of an island can certainly be defined as paradise, regardless of your inclination while on vacation. The wonderfully diverse destination is, yes, undeniably beautiful, but is also the perfect place to spend Christmas break, surrounded by family and friends, as there truly is something for everyone. Below, your guide to the best of Bali.
12/26/2016 02:12 EST
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How To Deal With Adult Acne

Why, at closer to 30 than 20, did my skin suddenly and unexpectedly resemble a painful slice of pepperoni pizza? I never experienced acne as a teen, and was utterly puzzled as to what was going on with my face just a few short months ago.
09/28/2016 08:08 EDT
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Meet The Backstage Insiders Who Make Fashion Shows Reality

There is so much more to a show than what the immediate eye can see; the runway, the collection, the front row fixtures... what about the invisible teams that make it all come together? From London Fashion Week, to Men's Fashion Week in Milan, to Miami's sizzling Swim Week, I examine the symbiotic relationship between the front and back, and everything in between.
07/29/2016 03:12 EDT

Survival Guide For Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia

The finale has been presented and the fun and excitement has been had for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. Although I previously had yet to take in the seemingly more sybarite presentations of the laid back yet poised superlative city of the Southern Hemisphere, I'm pleased as pie to have gotten to report on the collections this year.
05/26/2016 11:54 EDT
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The Future Of Fashion In The Here And Now

If it seems like the fashion world is completely turned upside down right now, that's because it is -- there is debate and divide amongst the industry's leaders regarding how to continue to present and sell collections to both buyers and consumers alike.
05/25/2016 05:21 EDT