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Alastair Sweeny

Writer, The Dorchester Review

Alastair Sweeny is a graduate of the University of Toronto and Trinity College, Dublin. His new history of the War of 1812, Fire along the Frontier, is published by Dundurn.

The Secret and Steamy Story of Canada's Pacific Railways

At first glance, the Canadian Pacific Railway contract fiasco of the early 1870s is the granddaddy of all Canadian scandals. But only the tip of the iceberg has been recounted ad nauseam by historians. The real story is far more gripping, and is actually one of the more fascinating events in Canadian business and political history.
05/14/2012 05:01 EDT

The War of 1812: Jefferson's Mad, Mad War

The Upper Canada Assembly called the attack "an act of such astonishing folly and desperation as to be altogether incredible. That a government professing to be the friend of man and the great supporter of his liberty and independence should light the torch of war exhibited a degree of madness altogether incomprehensible."
05/05/2012 11:38 EDT