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Alex Burton

Federal Liberal Leadership Candidate

Alex Burton is a crown prosecutor in the organized crime unit in British Columbia. He is also the president of the Liberal Vancouver Kingsway Electoral District Association (EDA). Alex Burton is married with two children and is active in his community. He volunteers and sits on various community boards.
I See Canada From a Bus, Not

I See Canada From a Bus, Not Airplane

<img alt="2012-11-14-LIBERALBANNER.jpg" src="" width="300" height="80" /> I am not an MP, and I do not come from the Ottawa bubble, and I do not believe that Canadians think the job criteria for a politician is being a politician. I want to bring a fresh and new approach to politics, one that is welcoming, inclusive, and values each individual for their contribution. I have recently driven across the country, not flown over it as many politicians tend to do. I have stopped in smaller towns and cities and talked to folks, and actually listened to them. When you do that, you hear what it is that actually concerns Canadians, and it also gives me a chance to share my vision of Canada with them.
11/15/2012 12:16 EST