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Alex Jowett

Artist, photographer, writer

After travelling much of the world as a freelance writer and photographer Alex Jowett returned to Canada to do a solo art show at The Spoke Club in Toronto. Within a short period of time Jowett started Atelier 688, a small art and design studio that melded the worlds of photography, art, and design into one entity. Jowett considers his path not as one of one continued aesthetic, but as a holistic exploration where worlds, cultures and aesthetics collide.
My City Includes Cottage Country: Inspirational Getty

My City Includes Cottage Country: Inspirational Toronto

Head three hours in any direction from Toronto and you will be able to find lakes the size of small seas (perfect for sailing and even occasionally surfing) , hills the size of mountains (great for skiing, mountain biking etc.). However, a day is not enough to see why Toronto and its surrounding countryside is a source of inspiration. One long weekend will have to do.
07/02/2013 11:16 EDT
5 Business Tips For The Aspiring Getty Images

5 Business Tips For The Aspiring Designer

Pre-internet designers would traditionally either need a large company behind them or would have to settle for selling locally. These days the internet has leveled the playing field while also forcing designers to become multi-talented small business owners. The rules have changed.
05/20/2013 07:36 EDT