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Alex McBrien

Born in Montreal and raised in Calgary, Alex is a proud Albertan and Canadian

Born in Montreal and raised in Calgary, Alex is a proud Albertan and Canadian.

He recently completed his M.A. in political communication at the University of Calgary, where he also served as President of the Communication and Culture Graduate Students Association.

He previously interned on Parliament Hill, participated in the 2010 Calgary mayoral campaign, has managed two political campaigns and ran as a candidate in the 2012 provincial election.

Alex has interests in matters relating to all three levels of government but will generally blog about what he feels are the pressing issues of the day.


Why Alberta Needs a Diversified Economy, and 3 Ways We Can Get There

The Alberta government is facing a deficit in the area of $4 billion. By now we have all heard the discussions regarding the recommended courses of action that the government should take to make sure that Alberta's finances get back into the black; reform Alberta's taxation system (although the budget saw no such reforms), cut government spending, and diversify Alberta's energy export markets.
03/10/2013 04:41 EDT

How Progressives Can Stop Splitting the Vote And Avoid Insanity

In the days since the Calgary Centre by-election, there have been a number of proposals put forward to help remedy the dilemma facing progressives. These have ranged from renewed suggestions pushing for a change in Canada's electoral system, creating an electoral alliance through joint nominations, to a formal Liberal-Green-NDP party merger. While these are all novel and worthy suggestions, they also lack promise.
12/10/2012 04:04 EST

Alberta's Big City Charter: Getting It Right

Increasingly, the planet's population is becoming urbanized and cities are where the action is. Cities with the ability to attract human capital will prosper. Hence, more and more, the role of municipal governments will be to do more than simply ensure that the garbage is picked up and that roads are paved.
11/14/2012 01:25 EST