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Alexis Sciuk


Alexis lives in Toronto with her Boston Terrier Hunter.
How I Bought a House at AP

How I Bought a House at 25

Homeownership has always been important to me, even at a young age. I spent my teens thinking about my future home and I spent my early 20s working towards it. I rationalized that I had to live somewhere. Why not pay myself rather than pay a landlord?
11/21/2012 10:48 EST
Why Calling it shutterstock

Why Calling it "Rape" Matters

In advancing women's sexual rights in Canada we have made a critical error. We have deleted the word rape in public discourse and done a disservice to society as a result. I believe society has a case of disassociation when it comes to the term "sexual assault." It is problematic when ten people give you ten different definitions of a crime. I want details. I want specifics and I want the word rape brought back into the lexicon of everyday discussions.
11/12/2012 12:17 EST