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Ali Mirzad

Human rights activist and writer.

Ali Mirzad is an Afghan-Canadian human rights activist and a former community leader. He helped founding the Afghan-Canadian Jaffari Cultural Centre (ACJCC), a not-for-profit organization which represents Afghan-Canadians of the greater Ottawa-Gatineau regions. He was nominated by former Deputy-Mayor Steve Desroches for the Order of Ottawa and has received the House of Commons Award for Community Services in 2015. Ali has been a frequent guest of CBC`s All in A Day as well Ottawa morning, discussing issues related to Afghanistan.
Why Should Canadians Care About

Why Should Canadians Care About Hekmatyar?

This past weekend, after 20 years of banishment, Hekmatyar reappeared in eastern Afghanistan in the province of Laghman. Early images and videos show a lineup of Afghan men in military uniform and turban kissing Hekmatyar's hands. Whether it is a sign of allegiance to the returned warlord or a sign of respect to the so-called Warrior of God, remains to be determined.
05/11/2017 04:21 EDT