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Ali Pourdad

CEO of Progressa, a Vancouver-based fintech company focused on helping non-prime and near-prime Canadians improve their financial health

Ali Pourdad has been CEO of Progressa since its inception in 2013. Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Ali holds a Canadian Chartered Accountant degree and a BBA in Finance from Simon Fraser University. Ali has decisively positioned Progressa for its next generation of growth by executing on several recent initiatives including securing an $11.4 million Series A financing. Under Ali’s watch, Progressa has successfully raised over $20.0 million of investor capital, invested over $1,000,000 in its proprietary lending technologies, and has grown the business to over 50 employees. Prior to being appointed CEO, Ali was a corporate insolvency and restructuring manager at a boutique advisory firm, where he operated, restructured, and sold a number of public and private companies under court appointment. Ali was a lead auditor with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP where he managed top-tier engagements of financial firms including JP Morgan Asset Management Fund and Phillips, Hager & North. Ali began his professional career at a young age, co-founding a leading IT services firm in Edmonton, AB and Vancouver, BC, in 1998, which grew to 30 employees. Ali exited the venture in 2005.
Is The Honeymoon Phase Over For

Is The Honeymoon Phase Over For Fintech?

For the last few years the fintech industry, and specifically, alternative lenders, have been the belle of the ball. Substantial growth and strong investor confidence has left the industry with rose coloured glasses; those glasses were dramatically pulled off recently with a succession of three impactful events.
05/24/2016 12:33 EDT