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Alicia Meek

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Alicia Meek is a sex and dating expert and the author of “Far From Love Stories—Modern Dating in the City” scheduled for publication in Fall 2016. Alicia is also a dance instructor and a Registered Nutritionist.
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Ramp Up Your Dating Life By Tracking Your

Ramp Up Your Dating Life By Tracking Your Period

I could talk about periods all day but today I'm going to focus the menstrual cycle and dating. Imagine tracking these days and realigning your schedule to ensure you have time to give yourself space, love, baths, hot water bottles, romantic movies to cry your face off to privately.
08/25/2016 01:28 EDT
Tinder Is Shallow, Depressing And I'm Totally Addicted To

Tinder Is Shallow, Depressing And I'm Totally Addicted To It

With advances in singledom such as Tinder, being single has never been more entertaining. I've decided to not waste the pretty and to fully enjoy being young, single and mostly free of societal and hormonal pressures. Still, I haven't quite decided if I'm part the solution or the problem.
06/21/2016 05:34 EDT
Why Are We Shaming All The Single

Why Are We Shaming All The Single People?

After a lot of self-work and love, I dropped the crap and chose to love myself, every wrinkle, every imperfection inside and out. This form of self-love is what we could be spreading, as opposed to fear of aging and the fear of ending up alone. We were born alone, and we will die alone, whether or not you have a husband and kids, this is true for all of us.
05/27/2016 09:26 EDT
Is PMS Ruining Your

Is PMS Ruining Your Life?

The symptoms of PMS can be agonizing on several levels. I broke up with my boyfriend, my uterus hurts, I look three months pregnant, I snapped at my boss, I'm exhausted, my skin is gross, I had chocolate for dinner and I cry every time I see an elderly dog. We all have our own set of complaints and remedies.
05/19/2016 10:02 EDT
Women Shouldn't Be Ashamed Of

Women Shouldn't Be Ashamed Of Masturbation

I've always been an advocate for speaking openly about sex and masturbation. I make a point in asking my friends (and mother) who are in long term relationships about their sex lives, partnered or solo. The singles are more likely to offer information, but I'll pester them every once and a while anyways.
05/12/2016 04:59 EDT