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Alicia Raimundo

Mental health superhero living in Toronto. She hates stigma and loves coffee. Follow her @asraimun

Alicia Raimundo has been described as a "mental health superhero," battling serious bouts of anxiety, depression and a suicide attempt since the age of 13. More recently, she used her move to the university as a catalyst to seek help, and eventually, to help others. Since then, she has, given two TEDxTalks, was named one of 2012 "faces of mental illness," spoke at the Clinton Global Initiative and recently returned from speaking at the UN’s international youth day at the UN headquarters in New York. She published red carnation, a book on suicide prevention that will be used in Grade 8 classrooms across Canada and represented Canada in Thailand at one young world.
Video Games Helped Me Level Up My Mental BrianAJackson via Getty Images

Video Games Helped Me Level Up My Mental Health

As I got older -- I played different games. They helped me learn to solve complex puzzles, have someone to connect with and talk to through the game's chat, and created a community that allowed me to be myself. Of course -- like with every community -- there were bullies, predators, and all around terrible people. But you can find them, block them and keep going.
03/15/2017 04:52 EDT
When All Isn't Merry And Johner Images via Getty Images

When All Isn't Merry And Bright

The holidays can be great for some, but for me, and many people I know, they are more of a nightmare. So how do we move past this? I am going to share with you a couple ideas that I have had that have worked for me ( they may not work for everyone). I am sharing these things in the interest of conversation.
12/20/2016 03:59 EST
How I Discovered My Strength In The Throes Of Mental kevron2001 via Getty Images

How I Discovered My Strength In The Throes Of Mental Illness

The thing is, I have always been sad and worried. It's stuck on me like gray toned glitter -- it clouds everything I do and no matter what I do it's never fully gone. When I realized I was different from other kids, I didn't know what to do. I was always sad and worried. Worried that people would notice me for being different and make fun of me. Sad because even when I tried to fit it -- I always felt like I couldn't do it right.
09/07/2016 08:01 EDT
Pokemon GO Changed My Tomohiro Ohsumi via Getty Images

Pokemon GO Changed My Life

As a tool, Pokemon Go has changed my life. It's such a simple tool (and let's face it, not a great app or game as it crashes constantly and is riddled with server issues) but it's vastly improved my mental and physical health in the two weeks I have been using it.
07/22/2016 10:33 EDT
Cool Adult Colouring Books For Stress JDwow via Getty Images

Cool Adult Colouring Books For Stress Relief

As you might have seen, adult colouring books are really popular right now. You might be asking yourself why these books are so popular. Colouring is a great way to focus your brain on something small and fun to take the focus away from worried or depressed thoughts.
06/24/2016 04:27 EDT
Helping Others Helped Me Admit To My Own Eating Getty

Helping Others Helped Me Admit To My Own Eating Disorder

As a mental health advocate, I was addicted to appearing to be recovered. I was afraid to admit that I am living with an eating disorder. Afraid that it meant the messages I was telling people about recovery being possible wasn't true. That living with an eating disorder, while being highlighted as recovered, meant I was a fraud.
02/26/2016 12:30 EST
I Have Mourned 14 Deaths By Suicide, Isn't That shutterstock

I Have Mourned 14 Deaths By Suicide, Isn't That Enough?

I have been to 14 funerals since turning 17 years old. Fourteen people who were friends, co-workers, crushes, debate partners, school mates and amazing members of the world's community. Fourteen people whose families and friends I sat next to at funeral services, whom I heard whisper "If I would have known," "How could I miss the signs?" and the awful "How could they do this to us?"
02/19/2016 04:02 EST