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Alicia Vianga

Certified bra-fitting specialist

Toronto-based Alicia Vianga, founder of the full-service boutique Premier Jour Fine Lingerie, has always loved lingerie and is well-known in the industry as a bra-fitting expert. She is one of the select few certified bra fitters in the city and aims to provide both beauty and functionality to her clients. <br> <br> Alicia combines her expertise in trend forecasting, bra fitting and fashion knowledge to bring an authentic shopping and educational experience to Toronto. She is often sought out by the industry for her lingerie knowledge and happily offers advice to men shopping for their loved ones. <br> <br> Carrying an impressive range of bridal, boudoir and haute couture collections, including celebrity favourites Cosabella and Freya, Alicia is dedicated to ensuring that the Premier Jour experience makes women feel confident, sexy, and fabulous. Alicia is also the founder of Bras for Congo where donated bras are provided to Congo women. <br> <br> For more information about Premier Jour Fine Lingerie visit: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Fit for a Prom

Fit for a Prom Queen

Planning for prom can be equally exciting as prom itself. Just don't forget one important detail: what goes under your dress. May your evening be magical and fashion-malfunction-free.
04/16/2012 03:33 EDT
That's a Wrap, Beach

That's a Wrap, Beach Goddess!

The most basic beach accessory is the wrap. When worn, a beach wrap can reach the ground, barely cover your knees, or just tie around your hips. There is so much that you can do depending on how much skin you want to leave uncovered.
03/31/2012 02:20 EDT
My Little Black

My Little Black Bikini

Every woman knows the little black dress is a wardrobe must-have; it's a girl's best friend and the ideal accomplice to a great night out. Let's bring focus to another must-have item: a chic, elegant swimsuit.
03/21/2012 12:01 EDT
Swimsuit Shopping: Get Beach Ready the Easy

Swimsuit Shopping: Get Beach Ready the Easy Way

The wrong swimsuit can have scary consequences! Picture this: you are diving into the pool when you resurface, you suddenly notice one of your pieces has slid off. Support and structure are key, as your bathing suit should fit snug all over with no loose bottoms or loose tops.
03/07/2012 03:57 EST
Valentine's Day Lingerie: Fit for All of

Valentine's Day Lingerie: Fit for All of Us

Of all the days in the year, Valentine's Day is the one day we, women, should be wearing our finest lingerie -- if only for ourselves. Far too many women feel lingerie is only meant to be for a special occasion or person. Valentine's Day, a day generally associated with love and couples, only reinforces this idea.
02/06/2012 04:54 EST
Sports Bras: The Bounce Stops

Sports Bras: The Bounce Stops Here!

We've all seen it: a woman running, arms moving, legs going... and breasts flying erratically in every direction. Ouch! While it's easy to assume she's is not wearing a bra, chances are, she is not wearing the right bra.
01/23/2012 01:14 EST
A Man's Guide to Lingerie

A Man's Guide to Lingerie Shopping

Unless you know that she loves novelty outfits, avoid them. Lingerie can be provocative and enticing, yet elegant. A woman wants to feel like a seductress, a queen. All you have to do is let her seduce you.
01/06/2012 04:17 EST
To Be a Lingerie

To Be a Lingerie Enthusiast!

We've all heard of shopaholics and shoeaholics, but what about lingerie-aholics? This special breed of fanaticism has simple beginnings just like any other addiction; all it takes is one, delicate, lacy piece. The rest just falls into place.
12/08/2011 12:31 EST
The Slip and Slide of a Strapless

The Slip and Slide of a Strapless Bra

Time and time again, we have turned down strapless tops and dresses to avoid adjusting the whole time. We have always accepted this as fact, never posing the big question, "Does my bra fit properly?"
10/29/2011 08:59 EDT

Thigh-High Society

There is something very alluring about a woman lying on a chaise in her bedroom, rolling a silk stocking on her leg. This is a far cry from our hectic mornings; the image of hopping around the bedroom trying to put on a pair of pantyhose... Luckily with a little bit of know-how, every woman can enjoy wearing beautiful hosiery!
10/05/2011 03:36 EDT
Your Red Carpet Style Guide: Lingerie Lies

Your Red Carpet Style Guide: Lingerie Lies Beneath

During the recent Toronto International Film Festival, I could not help but notice saggy breasts, waist tires and rough legs in the audience while flatter stomachs, long smooth legs and well-shaped curves walked the red carpet. Here are some basic tips and tricks to help you look your very 'breast' every time!
09/19/2011 03:42 EDT