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Alina Kulesh

Freelance Writer, Blogger

Alina is a freelance writer and blogger. Born on the Crimean coast of the Black Sea, she is currently living in Montreal, Canada. When Alina isn’t writing she is usually visiting an art exhibit, traveling, or simply drinking (good) wine. If Alina could invite any creative person -- dead or alive -- to a dinner party, she would invite Susan Sontag, David Sedaris, Ernest Hemingway, and Beyonce.
I Will Always Be Connected to My Lover's Alamy

I Will Always Be Connected to My Lover's Ex

That's the thing about exes; it's impossible to keep them in the past. Whether their lingering trail is on your Facebook wall or on your couch, they still appear hauntingly and unexpectedly, like ghosts. At the end, in some twisted way we are all connected to one another -- I to his ex-lovers and he to mine -- trying to make sense of love and life.
08/31/2012 12:02 EDT