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Alise Mills

Political Analyst and Media Commentator

Alise is President of Contact Communications—a professional communications firm specializing in media relations, brand and reputation management, crisis communications and advocacy. Alise works with clients to develop complex media and advocacy strategies in situations of crisis or celebration. For the past twenty years, Alise has spent her career working in communications for political parties, leaders and national companies in Canada and the United States. In 2009, Alise began to work as a regular commentator with local and national news organizations; and now appears regularly on CBCNN’s Power & Politics, CBC News, Global and CORUS radio. Alise has appeared as a guest speaker for various organizations; and continues to contribute as a commentator for newspapers throughout Canada.
I Don't Buy Leah McLaren's Brand of Twitter

I Don't Buy Leah McLaren's Brand of Feminism

Leah McLaren, a columnist with the Globe and Mail (and apparently the unofficial Czar of Womanhood); penned a letter this week to the very accomplished Nazanin Afshin-Jam MacKay -- the wife of Minister MacKay. In my opinion, writing such a letter seems to be no better example of an overinflated sense of self then when one assumes she has the social license to dictate the terms of another woman's life choices and to do it so publicly. Let us forget for a moment that the letter was penned as a response to perceived comments made by Minister MacKay, not his wife. Above anything else the letter is patronizing.
06/27/2014 06:25 EDT
Hey Steve Paikin, Punditry Is in My Female Getty

Hey Steve Paikin, Punditry Is in My Female DNA

I admit to be more than a little annoyed by Steve Paikin's comments on the lack of women in Canadian punditry. It was frustrating to hear his accounts of the replies he received when he asked women to appear on his TVO show The Agenda. Apparently, women's DNA limits their ability to manage such situations as punditry. No. I don't think so.
03/19/2014 12:31 EDT