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The Main Ingredients III: Holiday Brunch (Challenger's Alison Rockwell

The Main Ingredients III: Holiday Brunch (Challenger's Meal)

For my third time around with Health Canada's Main Ingredients Challenge, it was the more "exotic" fruit section I familiarized myself with, as I headed off in search of a pomegranate to prepare an arugula, pear, goat cheese and pomegranate salad to serve with scrambled eggs on Saturday morning.
12/12/2013 04:52 EST
The Main Ingredients Challenge #3: Soup's On (Challenger Getty

The Main Ingredients Challenge #3: Soup's On (Challenger Meal)

Our mission: make a soup with a list of healthy ingredients and see if my picky eaters might prefer bok choy to their usual green vegetable of choice, -- which is broccoli -- on occasion. My plan was for a vegetable-broth-based turkey soup, also including lentils, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, and squash with whole wheat pitas for dipping. What could possibly go wrong?
09/30/2013 04:30 EDT
Berry Pancake Getty

Berry Pancake Delight

This was very simple, easy, and fun to prepare. The kids loved watching their pancakes turn purple (from the pureed berries) and I loved watching them devour a couple of silver dollar sized servings knowing how much goodness was inside.
08/20/2013 06:18 EDT