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Alison Tedford

Freelance Writer, Lover of Lattes and Naps

Alison Tedford is a freelance writer from Abbotsford, BC. She is a data analyst, a pole dancer and an eating disorder support group facilitator. She blogs about parenting, fitness and feminism on
Chef's Advice: How To Get Your Kids In The ampak via Getty Images

Chef's Advice: How To Get Your Kids In The Kitchen

"When I work with kids, I tell them, 'You are the chef, I am the sous-chef.' They feel good about themselves and they don't want to let you down. Involve them in the whole process. If you let them pick out the ingredients and bring them home from the store, they are going to be more excited to prepare it and eat it."
02/05/2016 11:54 EST
Peter James Is Livin' For The Peter James Band

Peter James Is Livin' For The Summer

Raised in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Peter James went on to broaden his horizons exploring the world while playing in cover bands. To say he is well-travelled would be an understatement. With 15 years of globetrotting under his belt, he's collected memories like passport stamps.
11/18/2015 06:23 EST
Why I Hate Christmas Rene Johnston via Getty Images

Why I Hate Christmas Shopping

Mall Christmas shopping in December is the 8th circle of hell. It is my absolute least favourite thing to do in the history of ever. I always swear I will do it differently each year and ultimately end up doing it all over again just like last year.
11/16/2015 03:58 EST
This Woman Is Helping People Find Beauty After Carrie O'Neill via Getty Images

This Woman Is Helping People Find Beauty After Trauma

LeiLani Kopp is a paramedical makeup artist and cosmetics manufacturer who, through countless hours of volunteer work with cancer patients and burn victims, shows that beauty is definitely more than skin deep. Her business, Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics, subsidizes the volunteer work that makes a difference in the lives of those who have been through incredibly difficult experiences.
11/01/2015 07:19 EST
Giving Back in triplets

Giving Back in Multiples

The Van Marrewyk family is raising funds for the Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation through the Scotia Bank Vancouver Half-Marathon and 5k on June 28, 2015. The whole family, including their eldest daughter and the triplets, are walking 5km to honour the facility that got them through a tough times.
06/25/2015 06:14 EDT
I've Learned There Is No Us Versus Them With Transgender HECTOR MATA via Getty Images

I've Learned There Is No Us Versus Them With Transgender Issues

Recently someone in my inner circle began a relationship with a transgender woman. I learned to love someone new and accept her into my circle. Issues affecting transgender people have become my issues. I have read articles about people wanting to make policy about which bathroom is used by a transgender person. Then I realized, this isn't just a problem "they" face, it's a problem she faces.
06/12/2015 01:01 EDT