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Alixander III

Writer, producer, musician and member of Toronto bands The Cruelty Party and Azari & III

Alphonse Alixander Lanza III was born and lived in the industrial Canadian city Of Hamilton, Ontario until he was 21, when he relocated to Toronto. There in the late 90's he began his professional foray into film, music, literature and art. <br> <br> As proprietor of Parkdalian Sound Space he's engineered and produced many local and international artists, and he's formed and produced the bands Azari & III and The Cruelty Party, with whom he currently tours. <br> <br> He is involved in the digital techno label Idol Hanse and DJs as Alixander III.
Is Heroin Making a Comeback in

Is Heroin Making a Comeback in Canada?

Heroin has recently claimed the lives of some unlikely victims in Toronto this year, and some others seem to be off the deep end nearing the end. My friend just died, apparently from snorting what couldn't have been a huge amount, on a rare occasion. From what I can tell, 2013 has seen a spike in opiate use, specifically smoked and snorted heroin, in Parkdale and beyond. I don't think the Dandy Warhols will save us this time; the only visible means to effectively address the problem is to explore the void that creates demand for it. From where does the propensity to knowingly consume a deadly substance in pursuit of release from a harsh reality stem?
06/04/2013 12:24 EDT
Its A Rap! Reflections on

Its A Rap! Reflections on SXSW

SX has been a duality of easy-breezy meditative chillness and rush-rush tuk-tuk chaos. Amidst the line-ups and miss-outs I squeeze in some surprise experiences. Just last night at the Hype Machine Hotel party we Djed, I caught The Specials perform to a jammed-in crowd of anticipants, and they killed it.
03/28/2013 05:48 EDT
Breathe Deep And Dive In: On The Road At SXSW With Azari &

Breathe Deep And Dive In: On The Road At SXSW With Azari & III

The first time I remember Austin hitting my periphery was from early reviews of Linklater's <em>Slacker</em>, which I managed to later catch at a rep cinema. I fell in love with it and looked deeper into this place that embodied this odd mythos, already being acquainted with Bob and the church of slack.
03/19/2013 05:21 EDT