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Allia McLeod

Senior Producer, Verizon Media Studios

Allia McLeod is an award-winning producer currently creating digital content for Verizon Media and selecting films for Toronto’s LGBT Film Festival, Inside Out. 

She started storytelling at the age of 12 after hours spent roaming the aisles of her parents Mississauga video store. She moved on from home movies to a professional career in media in 2005. Her work has taken her from, studio films, indie projects and kids TV to digital series. She’s worked for several Canadian media organizations, including HBO Canada, The Movie Network, and Disney XD, as well as writing for The Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television. 

In 2017 she helped found After Me Too, a national movement mobilizing for reform around workplace sexual violence, which brought together industry leaders to discuss and formulate an action plan. 

 As a queer woman of colour, Allia has continually pushed to bring marginalized and underrepresented voices into social conversations and into our media landscape.
I Embraced My Lesbian Identity As My Father Became A

I Embraced My Lesbian Identity As My Father Became A Priest

Almost 10 years ago, my father decided to sell the family business and head to theology school to become an Anglican priest. At the same time he was solidifying his devotion to his religion, I was embracing my sexuality and identity as a lesbian. Would he see that this didn't have to change anything?
03/14/2017 03:24 EDT