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Allison Lee

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Allison is Mama to two wonderful kids: a four year old boy and a two year old girl. She shares parenting highs, lows and in-betweens with her wife, Jen.
Why Same-Sex Parents Shouldn't Take Canadian Policy for Allison Lee

Why Same-Sex Parents Shouldn't Take Canadian Policy for Granted

This week my Facebook news feed has blown up with profile pictures featuring the red equals sign and posts about the SCOTUS hearing. The one that has the potential to grant (or continue to deny) same-sex couples rights that most heterosexual couples take completely for granted. Rights about what happens if their spouse dies. Rights about recognizing non-gestational parents as parents. It is absolutely horrifying to me to think that if The Bean were born in the U.S. rather than Canada that I would not be recognized as his parent. I am also holding my breath. For my friends. For my family. For rights that I usually take for granted, but know many are still struggling to achieve.
05/13/2015 07:41 EDT