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Allyson Eamer

Sociolinguist, World Traveller, Researcher, Digital Enthusiast, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend and Woman of Faith (in no particular order)

I'm a professor who reads and writes in the area of language teaching, learning and inter-generational transmission within immigrant and First Nations families. I am a regular contributor to sites such as, and was recently made a fellow of the Nantucket Project for my work in indigenous language revitalization.

And in my real life, I blog about being in my 'middle ages', a 50-ish divorce survivor, starting over and figuring out to make it all work. See my blog at
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It's Okay To Stop Following Your Awful Friends On Social Media

We've all been there: Mortified and shocked by the latest horrible thing someone we thought we knew posted on social media. For too long now, I have been a deer in the headlights when it comes to these sorts of situations. But I've hit a wall. It is time to cut some people loose. I am beginning to understand that I AM allowed to give up on people. I AM permitted to shake the dust off my feet: un-friend, un-follow and disengage.
03/01/2016 11:50 EST

Oskar Groening's Sentence Reminds Me Of My Trip to Auschwitz

There was no shortage of tour options available out of Warsaw and Krakow, but we opted to figure out on our own how to get there. There were moments of inevitable tension as we stood on the wrong train platform time and again, beginning before dawn and battling the oppressive July heat. Here is what I've written in my journal.
07/26/2015 08:38 EDT

Writing Happy

Can I write happy? I don't know that I can. Everything that I've ever written and been proud of came from intense sadness, overwhelming disappointment, or terrifying despair. How can anything other th...
06/08/2015 05:42 EDT

At 52, I Am Finally Happy With the Person I Am

Congratulations to me on having finally arrived at that wonderful place wherein it doesn't matter to me if people don't find me bright, interesting, engaging, articulate or attractive. I am finally -- at 52 -- happy with who I am. I have finally decided that I have things to say that are worth taking note of.
05/08/2015 08:31 EDT
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My Divorce Made Me Realize Our Home Was Never Mine

When relationships end, it is a sad fact that people take sides, assets are split, and someone, if not both parties, must relocate. The "Geographies of Divorce" is the shifting of boundaries, the renegotiation of territory, the displacement, isolation and the staggering trauma of homelessness that accompanies divorce.
05/06/2015 05:17 EDT