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Amanda Blakley

Constant Tourist, Entrepreneur and Adventurer

Juggling a young family, entrepreneurial pursuits and an insatiable appetite for travel and adventure, Amanda Blakley documents the unknown, unseen, and untouched for readers of the National Post, Fashion Magazine, The HuffingtonPost and others. You can also catch up with her, and her chief adventurer at:
An Insider's Guide To

An Insider's Guide To Capri

Capri, the blue island, is a Mediterranean magnet for celebrities, jet setters and global nomads alike. It's inhabitants are Caprese first and Italians second. Everything about Capri's lifestyle and pace reinforce it's unique beauty and appeal to such a well-travelled tourist.
12/05/2016 08:10 EST
Exploring San Francisco's Best

Exploring San Francisco's Best Museums

San Francisco seems big -- but I soon realized that her size (surprisingly only 7 square miles), has little to do with the grandeur you feel while visiting, but everything to do with the big hearts and open minds of the San Franciscans themselves. Much has been written of her culinary and cocktail culture, her nature and leisure pursuits, but it is also one of the museum capitals of the United States.
09/12/2016 08:02 EDT
Contemporary Vienna's Historic Roots Make For A Royal

Contemporary Vienna's Historic Roots Make For A Royal Getaway

A monarchy up until 1918, echoes of her aristocratic roots can still be felt and experienced by visitors today. As important as this history and tradition are to the city, there is also an edgy emerging art, fashion and food scene that are definitely worth exploring, experiencing and tasting.
03/22/2016 12:48 EDT
Top 10 Travel Products For Adventuring

Top 10 Travel Products For Adventuring Families

As a seasoned traveller, my wanderlust runs deep (from backpacking to business travel, I have circled the globe numerous times). Now as a mother of two, I am passionate about cultivating and passing along that love of travel to my children by placing an importance on collecting experiences, not things.
12/22/2015 04:43 EST
Montreal: Where Past and Future

Montreal: Where Past and Future Collide

I decided to take our littles on an odyssey of our own, one they will recall with fondness one day (I hope). Our plan was simple: to ride the rails east from Toronto's Union Station to Montreal and spend several days exploring the historical streets.
10/22/2015 12:35 EDT
48 Hours in Los Angeles - With

48 Hours in Los Angeles - With Kids

Los Angeles is a sprawling city full of low strip malls, palmed avenues, film studios and over-crowded attractions, BUT that SoCal living is still so sweet. The city's full of beautiful parks, kid-friendly hikes, beaches (oh so many beaches!) and hip vegan restaurants with high chairs -- A great destination for the adventuring family.
09/13/2015 06:12 EDT
48 Hours in Boston - With

48 Hours in Boston - With Kids

Boston -- a town known for its Ivy League pedigree, lobster rolls and of course it's battles, revolutions and tea parties. It is also a fantastic urban getaway for a traveling family looking for great food, culture, and maybe even a visit to the ball game.
07/22/2015 05:32 EDT
8 Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Traveling

8 Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Traveling Dad

He packs light but thoughtfully. Give him the gift of style and function with this sleek and highly functional American Tourister black hard case carry-on. It has all kinds of great features that will get dad excited -- especially the four swivel wheels which will make it easy to scoot through all the international airports he logs hours in.
06/17/2015 12:37 EDT
Make a Toronto Staycation the Ultimate Family

Make a Toronto Staycation the Ultimate Family Vacation

The thing about a vacation is that it's meant to be relaxing and fun. But that's not the reality for many of us when it comes to coordinating a family trip (ahem, March break??). We recently had the pleasure of enjoying a proper vacation. Well, technically speaking, it was a staycation. If this sounds appealing to you, here are some great local options of hotels that really roll out the red carpet for you and your little ones.
05/05/2015 05:30 EDT
Give the Gift of Travel This Holiday

Give the Gift of Travel This Holiday Season

Just in time for the gifting season we've rounded up our favourite travel products that are sure to last well beyond the holidays and add a little (or a lot) of luxury to your tripping for the new year ahead. A little something for everyone on your list.
12/23/2014 11:05 EST
Top Tips for Transitioning a Nursery to a Toddler-Friendly

Top Tips for Transitioning a Nursery to a Toddler-Friendly Bedroom

Nurseries and children's rooms are an excellent place to have fun with your home's décor. Thankfully, in 2014, traditional children's colors of pink and blue are no longer de rigeur for cool kids rooms. The modern nursery or toddler room is gender neutral, mixing unexpected textures, clean lines, and artwork to create a space that is as unique and fun as they are.
08/22/2014 04:39 EDT

Roadtripping: Family-Style

There is something universal about roadtrips. My parents Chevrolet wagon with faux-wood paneling would barrel down the freeways. Many years later my husband and I were hitting the open road with our two-and-a-half-year-old son, Atticus, for our inaugural family roadtrip.
07/31/2014 11:47 EDT
How To Babymoon in

How To Babymoon in Miami

Thanks to my generous father and our caregiver, my husband and I slip off (childless) into the wee hours of the morning to hop a quick flight to Miami. Perhaps not the first place that might come to mind for a moon of any sort (honey, baby or otherwise) but proximity and weather made the decision an easy one.
06/23/2014 01:16 EDT
How to Travel in Mexico With a

How to Travel in Mexico With a Toddler

My travel companion was my two year old Atticus (a man of few words) who surprised me by declaring enthusiastically: "Mexicooooo" as he looked out the window in wonder. No, we weren't headed to some coastal gated community or beachside all-inclusive. We had touched down in central Mexico.
03/13/2014 12:20 EDT