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Amanda Orlando

Published author, photographer, food blogger, and allergy awareness advocate.

Amanda is the author and (food) photographer of Allergen-Free Desserts to Delight Your Taste Buds. On her website,, she shares lifestyle articles, recipes, and life hacks aimed at the teen and millennial crowd. Outside of this Amanda works full time in the publishing industry and spends her free time cooking and photographing her creations. Follow her on Instagram @everydayallergenfree and her personal account @mandyorlando
This Catering Company Embraces Allergies And Dietary Tooga via Getty Images

This Catering Company Embraces Allergies And Dietary Restrictions

Toronto caterers Daniel and Marie Holloway of Urban Acorn Catering are serving up meals tailored to their every guest's need with particular attention paid to food allergies, veganism, and other dietary restrictions (they refer to their business as flexitarian). So much so that they've become the go-to caterers in Toronto for this type of thing. And business shows no signs of slowing down.
09/08/2016 01:38 EDT
Managing Food Allergies At Summer Stepan Popov via Getty Images

Managing Food Allergies At Summer Camp

As school winds down for the year, many kids will partake in day or overnight camps with their friends and siblings. Some will stay local, attending camp at their community centre; others will travel up north and stay at overnight camps in the woods. But wherever they are headed, if they have food allergies, their parents will probably worry.
06/17/2016 02:06 EDT
Allergies? It's Time To Un-Restrict Your Amanda Orlando

Allergies? It's Time To Un-Restrict Your Diet

If there's one thing I've realized over the years, it's that the only reason I should feel restricted is if I make myself feel that way. There are endless combinations of food that can be put together to create a delicious meal, and by seeing it that way I keep my eyes open to new possibilities.
05/11/2016 12:52 EDT
Please Treat My Invisible Disability With Getty Images/iStockphoto

Please Treat My Invisible Disability With Respect

Just by looking at me you'd never know I have a disability. You wouldn't know that it's potentially fatal if not treated immediately, or that it's caused me life-altering anxiety for years. You wouldn't realize that I have experienced bullying as a result of it, or that it's often belittled by people who don't understand it.
04/15/2016 05:05 EDT