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Amanda Tetrault

Photographer, Canada

Amanda Tétrault is a photographer from Montreal, Canada. She is the Director of Living Together, and is the author of the photographic book "Phil and Me" (Trolley Books) which documents her relationship with her father who has schizophrenia and has lived on and off the streets for 37 years. Amanda is an active public speaker and advocate for awareness regarding mental health issues and their impact on families, and on children living with mentally ill parents. To learn more about Amanda, you can visit her website at:
I Coped With My Father's Schizophrenia Through 500px

I Coped With My Father's Schizophrenia Through Photography

I knew that what was happening for me at home was so different from my peers that I kept it secret, wanting to be "normal" at all costs. I felt alone and scared of absolutely everything. I was scared of Phil and the condition, scared of people finding out what was happening and scared of becoming ill like he was. This is where photography saved me.
03/12/2014 09:05 EDT