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Amrita Sandhu

Prabu Foods Manager

Amrita Sandhu is part of Prabu Foods Inc., an East Indian sweets and snacks company based in Surrey, B.C. She has watched the enterprise grow from a small local restaurant to one of the most coveted brands in North America.

After marrying the son of the head of the corporation in 2013, she added her skills in business management and social media marketing to the family-owned and operated team.
Why I Speak Up Against Prejudicial benjaminec via Getty Images

Why I Speak Up Against Prejudicial Thinking

Not a single soul who has worked tirelessly to create the life and home they have dreamed of deserves to be made to feel unworthy of creating the life of their choosing -- especially if it really doesn't harm anyone else. The majority of the South Asian community members who make these "monster houses" are those who have come from next to nothing in Northern rural areas of India.
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Why Can't We Be Comfortable In Our Makeup-Free Skin?

What is it about about being able to change our entire appearance within about fifteen minutes that isn't the healthiest of things for us? When does it become detrimental to our mental well-being and self-esteem to be too reliant on constantly making ourselves over?
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Wedding One-Upmanship Can Be One Big Circus Act

Growing up just like every other little girl I sat in awe as I accompanied my parents to family functions and weddings. Fast forward some 15 years or so and now every weekend there are dozens of weddings occurring simultaneously at various temples in the metro-Vancouver area. And each of these weddings symbolizes not the love between a couple -- sure there's that, too -- but rather a price tag.
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