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Amy Leask

Author, Educator, Kids' Interactive Media Producer, Founder of Red T Media

Amy Leask is an author, educator, and children's interactive media producer. She founded Red T Media in order to foster a love of big questions in little thinkers, and is driven by the conviction that everyone is (or at least should be) a philosopher. 
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Why We Don't Need To Win Arguments

Sometimes it really is good to have an argument. It can be an emotional one that clears the air, or an intellectual one that presents a conclusion supported by reasons. Either way, I'm a fan. If history tells us anything, it's that a lot of us are fans. What irks me is the notion that arguments have to have winners.
12/07/2015 07:20 EST
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An Ode to My Grade 9 English Teacher

Okay, I was a bit of a keener, but I didn't think of teachers as being mere dispensers of marks. Because I was raised among teachers, I knew they were human beings too, and usually interesting ones. I did well in school partly because I worked my tail off, but also because acknowledging that my teachers were human allowed me to figure out what they expected, and how they worked.
09/07/2015 07:59 EDT
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Parents Can Have an Active Role in Their Child's 21st Century Education

Saying that education is changing is kind of an obvious statement. Our kids study subject matter that wasn't even on the menu 20 years ago, they do it in ways that have been previously untried, and they have a brave new world of tech to help them do it. However, the changing role of parents in supporting these new methods of teaching learning tends to get overlooked.
05/27/2015 06:36 EDT
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Why Arts and Sciences Truly Need One Another

What's with the divide between arts and sciences? Has it always been the case? Historically, no. Google the word "polymath," and you'll find a whole lot of thinkers whose ability to think both creatively and technically not only made them interesting, but also more successful. I'm not alone in thinking that this great divide has done us a great disservice.
03/30/2015 05:03 EDT

My New Year's Resolution: Turn Our Children Into Better Thinkers

In the next few days, like many, I'll resolve to eat better, sleep more, exercise more, swear less, spend less, and keep the garage neat and tidy. I'll probably find these resolutions hard to uphold. There is, however, a promise I make every year, one that I work very hard at keeping. On January first, and on the 364 days that follow: I will resolve to try and help children become better thinkers. The problem isn't a lack of good intentions on our part. The problem is that we sometimes overlook some of the finer points of "good thinking" when teaching it to youngsters.
12/30/2014 07:58 EST
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Why It's Good to Have Arguments With Children

While it's true that young people do need the guidance and direction authority figures provide, they also deserve to have people in charge who think rationally and are willing to explain themselves. If we're going to teach our children not to trust just anyone, we need to give them good reason to trust us.
05/28/2014 06:01 EDT

How To Keep A Little Thinker Busy Over The Holidays

Festive occasions are the perfect opportunity to hear what your budding philosopher has to say, and to encourage them to play with ideas. As you sip cider and watch the snow fall, why not start up a great conversation? Here are some cool questions to get the mental merriment started.
12/16/2013 05:25 EST

Why Should Admitting "I Don't Know" Be So Scary?

Teachers are supposed to be experts. We chase monsters from under the bed, but we're not often prepared to admit to one of our own greatest fears as care givers and educators: that we don't have all the answers. There are many good things that can come from admitting you haven't got things sorted out yourself.
11/06/2013 05:43 EST

Why Being A Student Ain't What It Used To Be

This definition of student was written during the industrial revolution, when the focus was more on job training than on fostering a love of learning. Whether you're an educator, a parent, a student, or just a concerned citizen, it's probably becoming apparent that this long-standing notion of student needs an upgrade. So, why doesn't this notion of student work anymore? What's changed?
09/03/2013 05:24 EDT

Should You Tell Your Kid the Truth About Santa?

About a month ago, our daughter informed us that Santa is indeed coming to town this year. She knows when, and she knows how. So what now? What of my commitment to Truth with a capital T? Now that she already believes, do I burst her bubble for the sake of her future, truth-seeking self?
11/30/2012 12:21 EST

How to Talk Politics With Your Kids

I get a lot of raised eyebrows when I tell people I write materials that introduce politics to children. It's a subject that can make even a mature adult's palms sweaty, and on the surface, it seems like the last thing anyone would want to bring up with their child. You really should and here's why.
10/28/2012 02:14 EDT