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Amy MacPherson

Investigative Journalist, Researcher

Amy MacPherson is a freelance investigative journalist, based in Ontario, Canada. Her research is dedicated to politics, public policy, economic and social justice, with a penchant for going beyond the mainstream to produce original analysis of controversial subjects.

Venues include the CBC, Huffington Post, Open Government projects and numerous local publications, often earning featured placement. She's covered federal and provincial elections for the state broadcaster in both print and television formats. Ms. MacPherson investigates on an international scale and she's been a guest on American radio programs as well. Current major projects include a special report on the privatization of Canadian health care and a series-based exposé on former presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, for which she is seeking partners in lengthier publication.

In her spare time she also engages in public education, as a keynote speaker and spokesperson for various organizations. To contact or receive updates regarding all things political, please follow on Twitter: @MsAmyMacPherson or visit her blog for poignant insights that go the extra mile:
Will the Ethics Minister Investigate this MP's Failure to Disclose Her

Will the Ethics Minister Investigate this MP's Failure to Disclose Her Income?

She receives $21,000 in cash for meeting fees. It's important to understand this compensation was negotiated at the onset, but actual payment would be received into the next year. The deferred units go through a 5 year vesting period, with parts maturing at each anniversary. This would provide Dr. Leitch with steady income for a minimum of 5 years.
10/21/2013 12:30 EDT
Was Rob Ford Talking About Drugs on the

Was Rob Ford Talking About Drugs on the Danforth?

Ford used his party time on the Danforth to seek the spotlight while posing for countless pictures. He knew all eyes were on him because he was smiling for the attention. He knows the cloud of suspicion that surrounds him is darkening the city's reputation and causing dysfunction within city council. He honestly doesn't even seem to care.
08/11/2013 09:39 EDT
David Suzuki Empowers 8,000 Youth to Wake Up

David Suzuki Empowers 8,000 Youth to Wake Up Canada!

On April 25, 2013, renowned scientist Dr. David Suzuki attended the WFCU Centre to empower the crowd with his <em>Wake Up Canada</em> call. It's a campaign organized by the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition to support a day of action, encouraging kids to advocate for their environmental future through the very media that overlooked them this time around.
05/05/2013 11:15 EDT
Has the Liberal Party Jeopardized Recent

Has the Liberal Party Jeopardized Recent Gains?

With only two days to go before the deadline, the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) is working feverishly to deal with a communications glitch that could jeopardize recent gains. The Libs established a new category of participant in an effort to get the electorate more involved. The only problem is, with this new designation came a new process that appears to be causing some grief.
03/13/2013 05:18 EDT
Part II: Where Your CPP Money Really

Part II: Where Your CPP Money Really Goes

We've got to come clean about the unethical use of our retirement funds. There isn't enough money to expand the Canadian Pension Plan because the surplus was earmarked to boost the military-industrial complex. When our hard-earned money isn't being used to cause bloodshed, it's going to companies affiliated with the CPP's own CEOs and the Alberta oil sands.
01/22/2013 11:54 EST
Your CPP Is Funding War

Your CPP Is Funding War Crimes

How would you feel if someone told you that every one of your paycheques was being used to support war crimes and keep the companies accused of these atrocities rolling in lucrative business? And how would you feel if you lived off the avails of torture and bloodshed through the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), upon your long-awaited retirement after paying into it? This appears to be our dirty little secret, that Canadians enjoy prosperity at the unethical demise of others.
01/17/2013 12:07 EST
Harry Fear Has a Message for

Harry Fear Has a Message for Canadians

He graced our television sets with live reports from the most recent conflict between Palestine and Israel. Now that a ceasefire has been reached, British filmmaker and human rights advocate, Harry Fear, has embarked on a world talking tour. He arrived in Toronto Monday.
01/08/2013 05:12 EST
Is This Politician Insulting War

Is This Politician Insulting War Vets?

In running for the by-election in Durham Ontario, Bev Oda's former riding, Grant Humes has managed to generate controversy amidst the excitement. As his election sign was revealed on social media leading up to Remembrance Day, it generated negative responses from veteran families the candidate wasn't expecting. Facebook followers of the campaign page shared their criticisms ranging from "offensive" to "publicity stunt," "classless" and "shameless as stealing a poppy box." Part of the problem was confusion about the sign itself.
11/11/2012 07:59 EST
Why Are the Freemasons Collecting Our Children's

Why Are the Freemasons Collecting Our Children's DNA?

You know them as MasoniChip, or perhaps you've been led to believe it was a state and provincial endeavor intended to protect your little ones. They set up fairs, forge partnerships with law enforcement and even strive to distribute their services through North American public school systems. In Massachusetts this Freemason program was promoted by CBS News from the steps of the official State House and included their police dog, coincidentally named Mason. Reporters only failed to mention the private nod to those promoting him or that government had little to do with it.
09/26/2012 07:37 EDT
Hey Harper, Socialists Were War Heroes

Hey Harper, Socialists Were War Heroes Too

Whatever the Prime Minister wishes to call socialists, they too risked their lives and bared arms. They didn't just talk about it. My grandpa was one of them. William Coker was a farmer from the Ontario greenbelt; a young and proud socialist who believed in public ownership, universal health care, pensions, children's allowance and EI. As a member of RHLI, grandpa would continue to the Battle of Dieppe where he faced the most brutal engagement of the entire war.
05/05/2012 08:39 EDT