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Anastasia Lin

Actress, activist and Miss World Canada 2015

Anastasia Lin is a Toronto-based actress. She won the Miss World Canada title in 2015. Since beginning acting at the age of seven, Anastasia has appeared in over 20 films and television productions, and most prominently played lead actress in several Toronto-based films about human rights themes in China. Along with her acting and participation in pageants, she is known for her public position against human rights abuses in China. Canadian television reports attributed her victory in the 2015 Miss World Canada Pageant in part to her passion for human rights. Anastasia will participate in the 2015 Miss World competition in Sanya, China.
After I Won Miss World Canada My Father Was Threatened in

After I Won Miss World Canada My Father Was Threatened in China

My father was never so proud of me as when I was crowned Miss World Canada in May. It's an incredible honour to be able to represent my country on the world stage. To my father, who still lives in China, it was validation that all of his efforts to support me have paid off. Although access to information is restricted in China, news of my win spread quickly in my home province of Hunan, and my father was inundated with messages congratulating him and wishing me well. But things soon took a dark turn. Now, just a few weeks after I was crowned, my father is afraid to speak to me.
06/30/2015 05:15 EDT