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Andre Arnet-Zargarian

MA in Legal Studies focusing on international trade and investment law.

Andre Arnet-Zargarian holds an MA in Legal Studies from Carleton University. His research focuses primarily on the relationship between international trade and investment law, society, and the environment. Andre is also interested in politics - both Canadian and international. He has worked in politics and as a public servant. He loves playing hockey, and is an avid canoeist, camper, and angler.
The Panama Papers: Working Towards A Paper Boat Creative via Getty Images

The Panama Papers: Working Towards A Solution

It is hard to know exactly how much money is hidden in tax havens or passed through elaborate BEPS schemes, but some estimates range from $21 trillion to $32 trillion U.S. Rather than throwing in the towel, governments could make an earnest effort to tighten their domestic regulations and continue to pursue multilateral initiatives aimed at combating tax evasion.
04/13/2016 12:09 EDT
The Panama Papers: Why They Might Get Away With PeopleImages via Getty Images

The Panama Papers: Why They Might Get Away With it

The fact that the world's wealthiest people use overseas tax shelters to avoid paying taxes isn't new, or surprising. It has yet to be determined whether the tax avoidance schemes revealed as part of the Panama Papers leak will be found to be criminal. And audacious though it may seem, all of the implicated parties in this scandal may very well get away with it. Here's how.
04/08/2016 11:50 EDT
Trade Restrictions Can Give The Paris Agreement Some ASSOCIATED PRESS

Trade Restrictions Can Give The Paris Agreement Some Teeth

Much attention is paid to the fact that, like its predecessors, the Paris Agreement is "toothless" because it isn't backed up by an enforcement mechanism. This pessimism is understandable. Without clear and binding targets, how can any of the signatories be assured that their sacrifices will lead to meaningful emissions reductions? How can they know that the potentially difficult transition towards renewable energy will be a shared burden? The bad news is that the Paris Agreement is unlikely to introduce strict targets or develop an enforcement mechanism in the foreseeable future.
01/11/2016 03:41 EST