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Andrea Anderson

Doctoral candidate, lawyer.

Andrea Anderson is a doctoral candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School. Her work is grounded in anti-Black racism and intersectionality, with a particular focus on policing. Prior to pursuing her PhD, Andrea worked for a prominent Toronto criminal defence firm. She received a Master of Laws from Osgoode, earned her Juris Doctor from University of Windsor and her Master of Arts from the Centre for Criminology, University of Toronto.
We Must Address The Racial Disparities In Bail

We Must Address The Racial Disparities In Bail Decisions

The bail process has long been a discussion of reform within the Canadian criminal justice system. The discretionary nature of bail decisions offers opportunities to explore the systemic barriers in the pre-trial process and their broader connection to disparities throughout the criminal justice system.
01/26/2017 02:17 EST
It Is Not Just Black Men Who

It Is Not Just Black Men Who Matter

Women of colour who have spoken most openly and fervently on behalf of their male family and community members are often at the forefront of the debate surrounding police misconduct. Yet, women have also been victimized by the police and often in precisely the same ways as men -- police stops, shootings and racial profiling.
09/27/2015 10:32 EDT