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Andrea Horwath

Leader, Ontario NDP

Andrea is the Leader of Ontario's NDP. She has spent her life in public service as a community organizer, municipal councillor and MPP. She is the first female leader of the Ontario NDP. This fall she led her party to its best electoral finish in 20 years
Kathleen Wynne Should Pull the Plug on Hydro

Kathleen Wynne Should Pull the Plug on Hydro Privatization

For over 100 years, Ontario's public hydro system generated reliable electricity and got it to homes and businesses at a rate that people could afford. Today, our public hydro system continues to be a strategic asset that supports healthcare, education, and conservation (to name a few). If Kathleen Wynne goes ahead with her plan to privatize Hydro One, all of that could be in jeopardy, leaving Ontarians with higher hydro bills, but not much else. It is too valuable an asset to put on the auction block. I believe that hydro in Ontario should be affordable, reliable and should function as the backbone of our economy.
04/15/2015 12:48 EDT
What Labour Day Means To

What Labour Day Means To Me

Labour Day is a day of camaraderie and solidarity that I enjoy, and look forward to each year. It's a day to celebrate all that we've achieved, a day to feel the power of togetherness and to recommit ourselves to the struggle ahead. From Leamington, to Toronto, it's clear that this economy is not working for people and their families. Factories continue to close, and unemployment in this province remains stubbornly high. Our once strong, stable middle class is quickly becoming a class of precarious workers.
09/01/2014 08:46 EDT
It's Not Just About Being a

It's Not Just About Being a "Pitbull With Lipstick"

Over the last three years as leader of the Ontario NDP, I've learned that being a woman in politics carries all the challenges of leadership and then some. I've learned not to dwell on double standards even when I'm asked about my outfits or my hair. It means walking a fine line, and speaking out even when some would prefer I stay in my place.
04/27/2012 07:12 EDT