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Andrea Lekushoff

President, Broad Reach Communications

A leader in the Canadian public relations industry, Andrea Lekushoff has two decades of experience building long-term relationships with key stakeholders through strategic, authentic and persuasive communications programs. With a passion for delivering the highest level of client service, she has a track record of building strong reputations and delivering business results for many of the world’s most respected brands. With over a dozen major IABC and CPRS PR industry awards, Andrea has authored articles in the Ivey Business Journal, PR Week, The Lawyers Weekly and Women of Influence. Committed to giving back to businesswomen around the world, Broad Reach is a sponsor of Canadian-based Women of Influence and provides microfinancing to 10 women entrepreneurs in Tanzania through FINCA Canada. Before founding Broad Reach, Andrea was a strategy consultant with Deloitte, worked at two Toronto-based PR agencies and was the Press Assistant at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C. Andrea holds an MBA from the Ivey Business School, a BA in French language and literature from Western University, and is fluent in English and French. Her love for travel and adventure led her to successfully climb Mount Kilimanjaro in 2004.
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When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Build Trust

It's a common experience among many communications professionals: after helping an organization build its brand reputation during good times, we often see our efforts unravel the moment an economic downturn hits and senior management decides to cut spending on brand communications. It's understandable. But it's also a mistake, since difficult times are exactly when an organization should remain visible and emphasize its brand.
06/09/2016 04:14 EDT
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Apps Like Periscope Are The Cure For The Common Conference Call

Imagine using Periscope to help the owner of a trendy restaurant broadcast live from a celebrity-filled TIFF party, enabling followers to join the party and post questions to favourite stars via their smart phones. Now doesn't this sound more exciting than your run-of-the-mill press release, analyst call, executive blog post or on-location Twitter message?
01/08/2016 09:49 EST

How Women Can Step Into the Spotlight at Work

The remaining days of summer are a great time to clear your head and think of your big picture goals for the rest of the year. While strolling on the beach or staring at the stars, why not ask yourself: "What's stopping me from stepping into the spotlight?"
08/12/2015 08:07 EDT

How to Prepare for Your Company's Next Crisis

It's not just the rise of the Internet that has changed the way we communicate; the evolution of social media has fundamentally altered the way companies respond to crisis.The power of social media makes it harder to control the conversation.
06/26/2015 08:05 EDT
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Get Ahead By Getting Away From It All

As a business owner and mom, I always have a million things to do. I know this will never change because I throw myself 100 per cent into being a mom and running a business. By taking this trip, I got the chance to reconnect (albeit briefly) with myself, the person I had unwittingly buried with both personal and professional responsibilities. And it felt great.
12/02/2014 05:26 EST

Lessons Learned on This Woman's Career Journey

For many successful women, their careers are journeys that don't always turn out the way they planned -- often in a good way. If success and learning are your goals, it's your job to leverage what you learn at each stage of your journey. Here's my best advice on how to do that.
10/14/2014 05:30 EDT

What a PR Agency Can Do for Your Company

Let's face the facts. You've hired a PR agency because you are buried in work and want an experienced and proactive PR team that can make you and your company look good -− with the least amount of oversight on your part.
09/08/2014 05:16 EDT

Missing a Middle Manager? Here's How a PR Agency Can Help

As many of us know, middle managers are disappearing because Baby Boomers are retiring, but also because companies have fewer entry-level workers to promote to middle management roles. These teams can turn to PR agencies, many of whom are well-positioned to bridge these critical skills gaps.
08/19/2014 12:43 EDT

How to Rock Your Next TV Interview

Your company made headlines with a recent announcement and the media wants to hear about it directly from your spokesperson. Follow these best practices before and during an on-camera interview to set your spokesperson up for success.
08/05/2014 05:52 EDT
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How To Strengthen Your Brand's Recognition and Reputation

Although the CEO is just one person, they should empower their team to become brand advocates. By engaging employees at all levels in your company's vision and values, and encouraging them to experience your product or service, there is a greater chance they will feel more connected to the brand and will talk positively about the company to friends and family.
07/23/2014 12:29 EDT
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How to Prevent Social Media Disasters

Given that 190 million tweets are posted daily and the average person in the U.S. spends 16 minutes of every hour on social media, any mistake your company makes in this area will likely be seen in real time and before it is "fixed." And odds are you will be called out on it minutes after that.
07/15/2014 11:58 EDT

Traditional Media Is Still Relevant in a Social Media World

As social media has become more prevalent, people have come to expect immediate information and real, consumer driven conversations. This has forced the traditional news landscape to evolve, prompting much discussion about the relevancy of newspapers, TV, and radio. But does traditional media even have a place in today's culture of 140 characters or less?
07/08/2014 04:35 EDT
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Why It's Time for Your CEO to Get Social

Once hesitant to blog, tweet or post a photo to Facebook, more and more CEOs (and their leadership teams) are embracing social media in an effort to build communities and increase positive sentiment towards their companies. Here are five reasons I believe CEOs should champion the use of social media.
04/30/2014 09:28 EDT
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Does Your Brand Have a Crisis Management Plan?

Despite the importance of crisis preparedness in a 24 hour news cycle, many companies still don't have a crisis communications plan in place. Instead, they either hope one will never happen or figure they can "wing it" when a crisis eventually does occur. Simply put, not having a crisis plan in place is like playing Russian Roulette with your company's brand.
04/09/2014 05:38 EDT