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Andrea Love

Chief Operations Officer at Legacy Private Trust

Andrea Love is the Vice President of Operations at Legacy Private Trust and a qualified Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP). She began her career with family-owned Legacy Private Trust eight years ago and is responsible for running operations, as well as forming new partnerships with investment firms, lawyers and others to help offer trust and estate administration solutions to their clients. Andrea is also involved in fundraising and volunteers with many charitable organizations.
3 Estate Planning Tips For New

3 Estate Planning Tips For New Parents

Preparing for death can be overwhelming for anyone. Nobody wants to consider a circumstance where they won't be here to care for their bundle of joy.
06/22/2017 12:09 EDT
Make Estate Planning A 2017

Make Estate Planning A 2017 Priority

As a qualified trust and estate practitioner, I often receive an increased number of calls in January from people who are either updating their wills as part of their New Year's plans, or unfortunately, experienced the loss of a friend or family member.
01/09/2017 12:55 EST
How Much Should You Give For A Living

How Much Should You Give For A Living Inheritance?

When you make a will, you decide who is going to get your money in the event of your death. The hope is that you not only set up the next generation for financial success, but you also pass along positive financial values they can carry throughout their lifetime.
04/28/2016 05:24 EDT
A Survivor's Guide To The Sandwich

A Survivor's Guide To The Sandwich Generation

According to Statistics Canada, the "sandwich generation" now includes more than two million Canadians -- or 28 per cent of all caregivers in Canada -- with the majority being women between 35 and 44 years old. This number is only expected to rise as Canada's population ages and the older generation is no longer capable of caring for themselves. That leaves us with a generation stuck with caring for their late-leaving adult children and their ailing parents at the same time. How do they cope?
02/03/2016 04:45 EST
How Trust Companies Can Regain Canadians'

How Trust Companies Can Regain Canadians' Trust

The challenge we face is, in the context of this unprecedented shift of multi-generational wealth, the trust industry -- those charged with stewarding this process -- has largely lost the public's confidence. Now more than ever, our aging population needs dedicated independent trust companies that are focused on helping families through difficult points in their lives, but we need to put the trust back in the industry.
10/08/2015 06:03 EDT